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Best gun bipod/pod?

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  • Best gun bipod/pod?

    Whats the best gun bipod/pod?Im going to buy one and need som advice


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    Can't tell you which one, because I hate the feel of them on a gun and they don't go tall enough for offhand shots. But I will suggest an alternative. I simply use a walking stick to brace a gun. I get lots more use out of the walking stick between shots, but it steadies a gun almost as much as a bipod when it comes time to shoot. I'm tall enough that I can't buy one the right size for offhand shooting, so I simply made one from a bamboo pole I salvaged from a beach.

    Not saying you shouldn't try the bipod, but I'd try using a stick of some sort to brace your shots and see if that's all you need, before spending the money on a bipod.
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      Harris makes the best bipods IMO, but I have been too cheap to buy one...I used one on my friend's gun and it was pretty good. I have used the b-square roto-tilt and plain bipods. Both are pretty good.


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        I hear Brown Bear's concerns, they can be somewhat combersome at times, but they aren't too bad. I think it depends on where you're hunting. More open country where shots are long, brush is low and a solid rest is accurate/humane = bipod country. Tall, brushy ground where you can't sit or lay prone = mono-pod or walking stick to steady the rifle. I live in Montana and hunt wide open country and started using a bipod a few years ago and will not go back, love it.

        Harris has been the standard, but their patent expired a few years ago and most of the alternatives you see on the market by Blount and its subsidiaries are direct copies made in the Orient. Harris' are still made here in the USA. Harris and its copies are really easy to remove if you want to leave it in the truck; you're not stuck with it forever.

        I had the tilt/pan version but it was a bit wobbily, so I replaced it with the "normal" version. I think the prone version is too short (bullet's going to blaze through the grass) and the really tall ones are too tall. Mine's the "sit down" version, great for big game and prairie dogs.


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          harris bipod with tilt is the best to get mate

          happy hunting



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            The Harris bipods are very well made and theyre functionality is great too. I have the 13"-27" model and it works well in certain situations. I use it primarily for prairie dogs and some varmint calling situations, and it worked great on a couple of caribou hunts in open ground. If you plan to use an "attached" bipod for your application, Harris is the way to go.


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              I have Harris Bipods on my Varmint rifles. I just purchased a Stoney Point PoleCat Monopod that goes from 25" to 62" and it will also serve as a walking stick.


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                Any one that have used the cabelas bipod?


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                  Cabelas bipod

                  Any one that have used the cabelas bipod?


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                    Best gun bipod/pod = SHOOTING STICKS

                    I have used Harris bipods in the past and they are great if you are hunting from a vehicle but they are a real pain when you have to walk through any brush. I think shooting sticks that only come out of your pack when you are ready to shoot are the most verstital. The sticks can be adjusted to any height including standing for whatever kind of shot the animal give you.


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                      Does anyone have any experience with the "sling stix" that are advertised so heavily on the Outdoor channel? Looks to me like they would be noisy to deploy and uncomfortable on the shoulder.

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                        Originally posted by AKmud View Post
                        Does anyone have any experience with the "sling stix" that are advertised so heavily on the Outdoor channel? Looks to me like they would be noisy to deploy and uncomfortable on the shoulder.
                        Never used um. I agree they look noisy. They also look very flimsy. I would be interested to hear first-hand experience. I suppose anything would be better than nothing, for now I'm sticking with my walking sticks with velcro acting as the pivot.


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                          I have a 13-27" Harris bipod that came with a .25-06 Ruger VT that I bought. It's pretty fancy, with the tilt and all... but I hate it. I took it off because it made the rifle top heavy on a sling, it was extremely easy to hang up on brush, and overall, nor worth having it on any rifle that I own. If you think you're going to be taking it on a sno-go in a gun boot, it probably won't fit, at least mine didn't. It's sitting in the back of my closet and will probably never see the light of day unless I need to take it to the range. I haven't used one of the shooting sticks, but I think that it's probably the better way to go, especially if it doubles as a walking stick.


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                            bi pods

                            Harris makes the best bi pods. I would get the tilt feature and purchase the pod loc so that you can lock the tilt feature when you need to.

                            i own 3 harris bi pods, each in a different size. they are great, but are the right answer depending on the application they are used for.

                            shooting off a pack should not be discounted.

                            shoot straight.
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                              bipods are great for their intended purpose but your pack should do eveything your bipod will do. If you're going to be shooting from a kneeling, sitting or standing position you might want to re-think this and go with shooting sticks. A good walking stick will serve this purpose very well by gripping your stick with the support hand and cupping the weapon in between your thumb and the shaft of the stick. Not to mention it well for it's intended purpose. Make sure you spend time at the range using what ever method you go with.

                              Good Luck and Happy Shooting


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