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  • twodux

    Summer hunting, I wear all cotton, except for my short sleaved polar fleece pullover. Dry conditions, I like leather tennis shoes. Damp and I wear my extra-toughs.

    Wet or cold conditions, I wear layers. cotton underwear and t-shirt. wool socks over cotton. Woolrich wool bibs. Short sleeved polar fleece pullover, Long sleeved polar fleece pullover, Gator ear covers, and Sorrels or extra toughs depending on the conditions, wet or icey.

    And I always have a baseball cap to keep the sun outta my eyes.

    I don't sit much when hunting,so I usually don't wear much bulky stuff, but when I do, or when I'm outside running my boat I wear Carhart insulated coveralls. I also have some polar fleece sweat pants I wear instead of the wool bibs sometimes. As far as gloves, I just bought some fleece lined neoprene that seem to work well.

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  • REM700
    for big guys

    i am 6'7" and about 400lbs. so i have a bit of a challenge finding really nice quality gear. you guys dont know how lucky you are to have "selection".lol

    someone on this site reccomended me to look at helley hanson impertech and i would love to buy that guy a Beer. i love those bibs. nice and strechy and they fit over my jeans. i wore them in pws and we put some miles on montague island and they look like new. i thought for sure the devils club and the terrain would reck them. strap a pair of neoprene gators around them and cross some water fast and stay dry.

    i have been wearing cabelas outfitter series boots for many years now and i have not found any other boot to compare in my size. 16 d or 16 ee

    i have the # for beyond fleece and plan on having some pants and jacket made.

    if you have any ideas for us bigger guys please post them up.

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  • bgreen

    I bought a new coat before my last moose hunting trip this year, and have been very pleased with it so far. I've worn it for in pretty much the full gamut of situations from boating in the pouring rain, riding an ATV in a fair snow storm, to sitting in extreme high winds and temps down to -15* F. Itís not going to be waterproof like brand new Gore-Tex, but it is warm and sturdy. I've busted allot of heavy brush with it, and even wore it while logging all day a few weekends back.

    The coat is fairly quiet much better than my Gore-Tex coats, but not as quiet as some of the high dollar quiet gear out there. For the price, I am pleased. This coat is VERY warm with the liner in it. I sat on the edge of a swamp for 2 hours this morning, at -15, and never felt cold in the slightest. (well, my feet and butt got cold, but thatís another story)

    The pockets are large and plentiful, and the outer shell even has a game pouch in the lower back. The hood is nice, but needs something to attach it to the neck cuff when itís cold and you need to really button up. The cuffs around the wrist are large and close well with Velcro straps.

    My initial impression is that this product is a great value. I was lucky enough to find them on sale at Sweeneyís Clothing in Soldotna for $140 but I believe they retail for less than $180. Iím still surprised this coat didnít cost twice or three times as much. (Maybe it wonít last for 20 years?)


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  • Ak Steve
    just the basics

    I have a pair of Nomex BDU pants I wear over polypro undershorts. Then a polypro long handle top, and a fleece shirt. I always bring a fleece jacked, and a gore tex rain coat. Merino wools socks from Costco, and a pair on Danners. My "spares" consist of a pair of socks, a clean longhandle shirt, and a pair of poly/wool bottoms, and a pair of fleece pants. I also bring a fleece hat and a pair of warm gloves
    That's all I care to pack, so that is all I bring.

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  • Snyd
    Ploypropes- $1.00 each tops or bottoms at locaL thrift store. 5 bucks at value village.

    Polyester/acrylic/wool blend button up shirt with pockets. 5 bucks, value village

    Heavier Pendelton poly/wool blend button short 7 bucks value village

    Polar fleece vest with hood. 5 bucks value village

    Army issue green dress slacks. Yup, the ones they wear with shiny leather dress shoes (unless your airbourne!) with the permanent creases too. wool/poly blend, generous cut. $7.50 value village

    Polypro camo fleece jacket I've had for years. Off brand name.

    When it's colder or am riding the quad- Cabellas, insulated jacket and pants. Cost a couple hundred bucks, youch. Nice though.

    Some old Danners, Salomon Super Mountain Light mountaineering boots and hippers of course.

    Wool/acrylic blend ball cap. 25 cents. fleece head band,

    good merino wool socks. lots of em.

    levis and sweatshirts stay home....

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  • Alaska Gray
    I love rivers west and anything fleece, but my old military BDU"s work great. I have had several out fits made in Korea and they are wonderful.

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  • cold zero

    meindl canada pro
    cabela's hip waders
    la crosse burly 800
    smartwool lt. hikers, hunting extreme
    bridgedale trekker
    capilene, x static, liners


    sporthill 3sp, black
    cabela's microtex, outfitter camo
    beyond fleece, camo wind pro


    Polarmax boxers
    under armor boxers (in brown, don't buy white)
    lt. wt. patagonia
    med wt. h.h. l.i.f.a.


    day one
    beyond fleece, camo wind pro
    cabela's berber pullover


    h.h. camo impertech
    frontier gear, brook's range coat in camo
    beyond fleece
    Last edited by cold zero; 11-12-2006, 06:05.

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  • Frankie 2 Times
    I'd have to say my favorites are whatever I happen to be wearing when I'm standing over big buck/bull waiting for by bud to take my pic. But if yo need specifics, here you fo

    Meindl AK Hunters for climbing
    Rocky - Buckmasters for wet stuff (no long made)
    Simms - Gortex Waders (These ROCK)
    Smartwool Socks

    Under Armour boxers
    Patagonia Powerstretch Fleece - like hunting in your PJs
    Under Armour compression stuff (CAN'T STAND IT.. Its like wearing my wife's pantyhose again....did I say that out loud?)

    Cabelas Micro Fleece w/ windstopper
    Cabelas Berber Fleece (vest/jacket)

    Gortex MT050 & XCR
    Mountain Hardware Technical Jacket

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  • Matt
    Meindl's, River's West, Cabelas, Columbia wool, sporthill camo pants.

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  • Doug in Alaska
    This probably sounds crazy also but if the weather is nice, polar fleece pull-over, flannel shirt underneath, jeans, polypro long johns, and a pair of Extra Tuffs. If it's raining, Hydrofleece and Extra Tuffs. In the snow, all wool. I'm not into the high tech stuff much but I'm thinking I need to add a set of Helly Hanson Impertech raingear to my Christmas list. I've heard great things about this raingear.

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  • mtcop71

    Fleece, sporthills , Mountain hardwear alchemy jacket, and my Lowa GTX extremes. Its all I need

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  • Brian M
    You know, it sounds crazy, but the clothes I wear most out of my wardrobe are my $10 wind pants from Old Navy. I've got 6 pairs of them and buy more whenever they go on sale. The ones with the mesh lining are warm, dry very quickly, keep me cool on hot days and warm on cool days, are fairly tear resistant, and are very cheap to replace when I do destroy them. Yeah, I've got much more expensive and technical gear, but I never leave home without my cheap Old Navy pants.


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  • svehunter

    I just ordered the new revolution fleece outfitter camo pullover with scentlock!I have only heard good things about it

    Good hunting

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  • AlaskaCub
    Fleece, Fleece, and more Fleece! I have in assorted thicknesses camo and non camo, micro and berber with and without windstopper linings(Cabelas, Columbia, Sporthill). Wool is for late season. The stuff (fleece) gives you full mobility and yet breathes like crazy,can be easily layered and isn't too bulky and when wet dries in no time. Boots? Meindls, and more Meindls (Ibex, and Alaska Hunters both from Cabelas). My one favorite piece of clothing that goes just about on every hunt with me is the Cabelas Outfitter-Camo Berber Windstopper jacket. That baby has been a lot of places. Seems to be just right with a couple of thin layers underneath and blocks the wind completely which to me is what robs of most of my body heat.

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  • reuben_j_cogburn
    deer hunting clothes

    I stick with as much wool as possible. I'm kind of old fashioned that way. I am trying to keep the synthetic stuff to a minimum. I do wear poly long john's.
    I know the super synthetic stuff is pretty good but I prefer the look and feel of wool. Here in Minnesota, Deer season (rifle) opens in November and it's usually kinda chilly.....


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