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    I've been up here in alaska for about two years now, and have done a little fishing but have not been hunting yet. Being in the military, its a little hard to get time, but I'm not sure of places to go! Any big game animal would be awesome, plus the meat would be great. Are there any seasons still in right now and if so where? And If anyone is heading out and would need a hand, just let me know? I was deployed at the time I found out about this site, and ever since, I really enjoy the pictures and the posts. There are some really nice animals in this state, and also a great variety of them. Originally from North Carolina all I got a chance to hunt was Whitetail. Thanks alot for everything.

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    You are in the right place to get out and play..
    There are lots of guys in your shoes.. Stationed up here and want to get out and enjoy all Alaska can offer..
    What kinds of things do you like to do?
    Hiking, canoe, Kayak, mt bike, fishing?
    Winter can be pretty fun to ice fish or go out and get some Spruce grouse and snow shoe bunnies..
    get in that Bronco of yours and get out of town.. Anchorage is just a hour from Alaska,, LOL
    talk to you soon
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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      I love to hunt and fish but have never been ice fishing before. Not sure on where to go fishing at. What all do you suggest to do in the summer? Recently purchased a 300 RUM but have not yet had a chance to shoot anything with it.


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        You could be ice fishing in a matter of minutes for very cheaply to see if it's you bag.
        If you have a fishing pole, small hooks, shrimp/potskies fire ball eggs, bobber, split shot and a hatchet, you are set. Go to any of the local area lakes find where people allready been fishing and reopen the hole drop a line and wait. Just use the basic's before spending the dough on the big stuff. Heres a little secrete to get down past the little guys for the nice rainbow's.

        couple small split shot about 24" from the hook, small marshmellow up to the eye of the hook, add a fireball or peice of shrimp and drop it to the bottom (about 10ft of water). This will get it past the little guys but the marshmellow will float the bait off the bottom.

        Good Luck and have some fun!


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