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Great Price on Sheep Hunting Boots

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  • Great Price on Sheep Hunting Boots

    Found this on another website thought some guys here might be interested. Here is a great price on the Lowa Sheephunter boots. If you are a first time buyer to, register first and take an additional 10% off when you place your order with the 20% off coupon code for a total of 30% off!

    Coupon Code - 20% this is the coupon code - (20GETREADY06)

    Total price shipped is $208 and change. Here is the link

    I have the Cabelas Alaska Hunters or I'd be snagging up a pair of these.

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    That is a great price for those boots. I have a pair and swear by them..


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      mtcop, how does the sizing run on these. I had a pair of Lowa Tibet GTx's which are the little brother to this boot(8" instead of 10")) and they ran real narrow on medium width, they didn't fit so I sent them back.


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        Are they light and do they break in pretty easy?
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          Here is the link from their website.

          I dont own these, but a hunting buddy of mine has em and they are almost identical to my Cabelas Meindl Alaska Hunters in every way. They are rigid but thats because they are designed to give you the utmost ankle support especially with a heavy pack and have a super rigid midsole. It makes for a great boot to hike up and down scree fields and climbing in craggs. The rigid midsole keeps you from bruising your feet walking on just about anything. My meindls broke in pretty easy and now they are like flexible armor for my feet and ankles. I applied about 5 layers of NikiWax Nubuk treatment before ever using them in the field and I can stand in water all day just about and my sock wont get wet unless water comes in from the top. These are $70 cheaper at this price than my Meindls were. I may jump on em just cuz the price is soo good.


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            It makes sense to jump.

            While you might not need them now, if the discount is substantial it makes sense to get another pair. I find quite a few things that work very well either change or go out of production. The boots can sit in your closet as well as in some warehouse. I have two pairs of Meindls for the very same reason.


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              They run true to fit. I am a 12 and I bought a 12, they fit great. Did take a while to break in though, but was the most important part of my sheep gear next to my Sporthills


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                Thanks!!! I bought a pair of the meindle canada's and need to return them, they didnt fit, wore them one day and blisterd my feet all to heck.


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                  The length runs true, but these are wides, and I do mean wide, I tried on a pair and they were very wide for someone with a average width foot, you would have to wear very heavey socks to make up the difference, would be rather hot on a early aug hunt


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                    How long is the 20% discount good for?


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                      end of deal...

                      Originally posted by jetdriver21 View Post
                      How long is the 20% discount good for?

                      I missed that deal long ago, but I just called them up and told them that my code was not working. They asked what it was and I told them. They said that it was expired. I asked if they had a current code I could use. They graciously gave it to me and go the same deal. I found their number on the top of their site, can't remember if it was the ordering number or the customer service number.

                      Good folks to deal with. Good Luck.


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                        update code

                        The only working promotional code is NEWYEAR07

                        It is for a 15% discount--still worthy of consideration....


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                          Google "shoe buy coupons" and get tons of websites.
                          Here is the first one:

                          Check daily as the coupons change/expire/etc. I am pretty sure the 10% off for first time buyers is still working too.


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