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  • Leupold Rangefinder opinion

    I am looking at two different models Leupold puts on the shelf one is the RX 1 with range finding capabilty out to 750 yds I believe and the other is the RX IV which says that it goes to 1500 yds. Anyway I know I will not be taking shots past 300-400 yds but wanted to know is it worth buying the one that is a little more sophiticated any input would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, BIG 27
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    I tried out a bushnell 400 yard rangefinder a couple of years ago and it would have trouble ranging a truck at 200 yards. I now own an RX-IV and just got back from an antelope trip. I learned several things on this trip.
    1. unless you have some solid holding device(tripod/fencepost) you will not be able to hold the rangefinder still enough to range anything past 300 yards on an antelope anyway. Maybe you are less jitery than me but not likely. I'm a AAA rifle silhouette shooter.
    2. The max range listed on the rangefinder (1200 yards on the RX-IV) is for a VERY reflective target under optimum conditions. All rangefinders work much shorter on animals under field conditions.
    Here are my thoughts. If you get the lower powered rangefinders you will be left wondering if the target is truely out of range or is the rangefinder just not ranging the target. Many times when you push the button you will NOT get a range back, just a blank stare from your rangefinder. Under most circumstances at ranges over 200 yards you will have to range the target several times before you get an answer back on the finder. This happens due to interfering brush/rain/grass/wiggle or whatever. They will probably work more effectively on moose than antelope due to size of the target. In my opinion you should buy a rangefinder like you should buy binocs. Get the MOST you can afford and if you can't afford a good one, don't buy one at all unless you are using it for bow or muzzleloading where ranges are much shorter.


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      I use a Bushnell YardagePro Quest Rangefinder. It's an 8X Binocular style range finder. Works real well out to about 1150 yards so far. I have not tried to laser anything beyond that as of yet.


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        Leupold rangefinder


        First of all, good to hear from you again. Thanks for you service over seas! I have a Leupold Rx-II with the ballistic range capability. I used this on our goat hunt and it worked well, of course there is no brush in the alpine. I believe it is quoted to work to 600 yards. There are many setting on the RX-II and it can be confusing at first to get the setting you want. Go and pick one up and play with it in the store. They are small and easily fit in a pocket. I would agree with the statement BruceB said about steadying the scope on objects though. Another thing I would mention is that the lighted reticle model (RX-IV?) would be nicer esp. in low light conditions. For the price, I don't think you can go wrong. I also own a Leica 800 yard range finder but its much bulkier, although it ranges well out to its stated range.


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