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  • DC608, Killey River Bou

    Well, drew this tag again, and don't wanna have what happened to me the first time. Anybody familiar with this area, tustemena lake, etc, I am curious as to the condition of the emma lake trail. The first time I had this permit, a fire burned the place down. Has the trail been cut back in? Thanks to anybody who has any info on this hunt!!! Josh

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    fly in

    I would look at some of the Air Charters from Moose Pass, or Cooper Landing maybe even Soldotna. These guys know the area and the flight is short and from what I have heard, not too expensive. Its also nice to have cell reception up there for emergencies or to be pulled out of there early if you need to. There is a fire close to that area now. Not sure what the status is though.


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      PMed you J


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        I have a moose tag for Killey River.

        Let me know if you decide to do a horseback hunt--I drew DM532 and am looking into horseback transporters to get up into the bench country and most require minimum of two hunters.

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          Shanta fire

          It is burning again but will likely just affect access from the Funny River road side.

          Horses are the way to go up on the bench. It is a beautiful place to be in the fall. I'll be up there with my second DC608 permit, last one was ten years ago. Good Luck.


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            Anybody have a horse laying around???

            I need a horse, or two, or three!!! Well, since I don't have a horse, gotta find another way to get in there. How bout mountain bikes, would they be doable on the trail into the bench? So far, emma lake seems to be the way to go, but still haven't gotten confirmation if that trail is still intact. Anyhoo, anybody else with ideas, fire away!!!! Anybody rent horses around here??


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              I also drew this tag. Any ideas of who to talk with, other than Spraker, on legal areas to land a cub? Thanks.


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                Call the usfw refuge on ski hill road in Soldotna regarding using aircraft. I think the whole hunt area is on their land and if I remember correctly, there are only a couple of lakes up there to legally land a plane. Nowhere with wheels. I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. Call them directly to get your answer. Everyone I have know to hunt that has done so with horses and it gets to be a pretty spendy hunt if you dont have your own horses.


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                  Alex Kime's name keeps popping up on my searches. $1500 per hunter, 2 minimum. Also heard he bases out of Harvey Lake. Some guys are talking walking Emma trail. Look at the map. Heck of a long ways away apart. Guess it depends on where the bou are in early-mid Sept. I'd like to take a later season bull. Anyone know the pattern of the caribou. I guess they are up Indian Creek right now, in the snow. Do they head for the bench later, or drop into the timber. I'll keep my eye on them with the plane, but no landing on tires anywhere near the herd. Any info would be appreciated.


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                    Twin Lakes

                    Fly into Twin Lakes...There are usually some bulls near it, as well as several blackies, ptarmigan, blueberries & grayling. It outta be fairly cheap flight as it is not too far from Sterling/Soldotna.



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                      "Alex Kime's name keeps popping up on my searches"

                      For what it's worth: Last year I got drawn for DC001 and Alex Kime came highly recommended so I contacted him to take me in for a late season horseback hunt and paid a $1000 deposit to secure the hunt. He told me not to worry, that he knew the area well as well as where the animals usually were and that I would have a good hunt......4 days before the hunt he called me long distance (I was out of state at a son's graduation) to tell me "winter was getting close and he didn't think he would be able to take me in!!!" but not to worry, he would refund my deposite. I didn't want my deposite back, I wanted to go on the trophy 'bou hunt I had been drawn for and had made a deposite on to show my good faith and intention of going on. Interestingly he returned to the THE SAME CHECK I had written three months earlier for the deposite! I hope your experience with Alex Kime turns out better than mine did.
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