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Taxidermy question re life sizing a grizzly

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  • Taxidermy question re life sizing a grizzly

    I got an 8'2" coastal grizzly last month. I would like to life size it as it will probably be my only grizzly. Problem, the wife says the house looks like a museum already with all my dead animals, she insists there is no room. Does anyone know where I could see pics of life size mounts to see if I can come up with a workable compromise as I really would like more than a rug and from what I hear divorce is pretty expensive. I was thinking of maybe having the bear climbing up on a stump or short log to decrease floor space footprint ( as opposed to just walking pose). Ceilings not high enough for standing, and I'm not fond of that pose anyway. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Bearheart try here. You can see the forms and the measurements. If you order the catalog you can see some photos of mounted bears and what the look like finished.

    Good luck.


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      I don't know where you live but Dave McClannahan at Lone Wolf Taxidermy in Eagle River has a number of bear mounts in his home, which is not all that large. He's done some inovative things mounting them. If you are close, give him a call and stop by, he's usually glad to talk about optioon and show you what he can do. He's won a number of awards at the SCI Convention here in Anchoragae. 696-3611


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        Here's what ya do; Get it mounted in a rearing up pose, cut a hole in a wall between two rooms, shove it through the hole...walla.

        kurt s

        ps, how much is a divorce these days?


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          Through a series of events I carried a Brown/Grizzly tag in my pocket for 11 years before harvesting one.

          A few years ago I did harvest a really nice Brown Bear. The hair is in really good shape... very long and dence, great claws, massive head, very pretty coloration throughout the hide.
          When I built my house, 5 years prior to harvesting the bear, I built a wall specifically to put a nice rug on someday. Well, I was lucky enough to get a Bear, have a rug made, however I have been disapointed with my choice ever since!

          In my opinion a rug doesn't do justice to the wonderful animal, it doesn't even look close to what the picutres look like that we took right after the kill.

          Every season my clients ask me about taxidermy work and my opinion on different mounts. Once again, in my opinion, I think a Bear should be mounted in lifesize position. That said, the "standing" mount is NOT a typical position you see bear commonly doing in the wild, but the biggest problem is that the "standing" (upright) mount accents the belly fur, which is the most spare hair on the animal.
          I REALLY like the mount where the bear is on 3 legs, w/ one of the front legs "walking" or "stepping up". This pose accents the bears most nomral postion, shows the body size & muslce structure the best, and best shows the different coloration of the hide....dark legs, chockalate colored sides, lighter "honey colored" face and made a different shade od hair tips on the hump.
          Also it is important to properly display the taxidermy work w/ nice lighting. I use a series of track-lights in which I have a huge selection of different bulbs w/ different light intensintiy and different shades to better accent different parts of the animal. For a bear mount a track light with 4 bulbs really works nice, use some "spot" and some "flood" lights, some 75w bulbs w/ soft white to focus on the main body and hump to best accent to different coloration hairs, similar to natural light. Other lighting aimed at the face, head and lower feet/claw area.

          You have MANY different choices of what pose best suites your desires, and location for trophy display. A good start for your many different options is to start looking through the various taxidermy books at the life-size bear forms. Also keep in mind that a quality taxidermist can make ANY alerations you want to the basic form......time & money are your only limiting factor's.


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            bear mount

            Thank you Mr.Lamb. You are pushing me toward the life size option, I'm thinking having the bear with one leg up on a drift wood log, just like he was when I shot him. Living alone may be not so much fun, but I guess I could get used to it


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