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  • Delta Bison Hunt

    Just thought I would share a couple pictures of my bison hunt that capped off my best hunting season ever. The year started off shooting a caribou up the haul road, then shooting 20 ducks and 5 geese during a two day hunt in Minto, then killing a 52 inch moose and finally killing a bison on Oct 1st. The bison hunt was awesome. We located a group of about 200 bison. I tried to get a shot at some of the bigger bulls but they were grouped up too tight and I didnt want to shoot two on accident. So I settled for a respectable three and a half year old on the outside of the group. Im glad I shot a younger one because this is by far the best wild game meat I have had. As you can see in one of the photos, the herd surrounded the bison I shot. We drove right up to them and just waited it out. Definetly a hunt of a lifetime. I have to thank all my friends at work for talking me into putting in for the tag. I never put in for it only because I thought I had no chance in hell. But with luck on my side I drew a tag my first year putting in for it. Dont get mad anybody!!
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    nice season

    I bet your freezer is full..
    that is an awesome season you have had..
    did the buffalo flee after a while? or stay around?
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      awesome, congrats on a great season.


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        Big time Congrats, did it last year and I'm still pumped!

        kurt s


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          Very cool

          Very cool. I would love to draw a bison permit. I've gotten to see quite a few of them while flying in fuel for the Iron Dog.
          Marc Theiler


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            Waiting game

            I am glad to hear some people get to hunt them. This spring will be my 21st year of putting in for the tag. Been dry so far, but always hope for the best. Congratulations on a great hunt!!!


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              Nice Buffalo. Did you have to go on private land to get him?
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                Congrats on the Bison. My wife drew and filled that tag this year also. Soon as I get my stuff together, I will post a story and pics. It's a "unique" hunt isn't it?!?! We hunted 5-6 days before everything lined up just right for us.

                Best of the outdoors!!!


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