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Goat and Deer from Kodiak

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  • Goat and Deer from Kodiak

    Returned from Kodiak a couple weeks ago. Had a very challenging, rewarding, and memorable hunt. Took a decent billie and deer with my 257Wby out of DG475. I was a bit concerned sitting in the air taxi office waiting my turn they took 8 other hunters to the same bay. I didn't see any of them after that but I did run into 2 others on the mountain. Saw a few Browns but they went their way and I went mine.

    The goat measured 9 3/8 on both sides with 5 7/8 bases, 8 1/2 years old. Talk about tough chewing! It will be entirely jerky.
    You can see where the scope gave me a kiss near my eye, extreme uphill angle.

    Not sure what you'd call the deer, either a 3x4 with a little something extra, or a little bit weird 4x4, in total counting the eyegaurds there are 10 points. You can't see all of them in this picture.

    Here's a link to some more photos:

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    Congrats and sweet Pics!


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      very nice how was the weather. Looks decent from the pics


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        Great pic's for sure .
        A very nice goat .
        I love hunting Kodiak and the deer are tasty to boot .
        Yep that is a nice Kiss , been there and done that !!!

        Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
        Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

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          Great pics, Thanks for sharing
          Living the Alaskan Dream
          Gary Keller
          Anchorage, AK


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            Ed that's awesome, great pics!
            Marc Theiler


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              good job

              Very nice. I like the dark color of the deer antlers.
              Like you said.. the goat is high in protein, and can be lots of fun to chew.
              I am not a fan of the taste either. lots of BBQ sauce and spices etc.
              but it sounds like a great plan to jerk the whole thing, and eat him while out doing other fun things here in the great land..
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                goat?....not good???

                i think it depends on the time of year. i took a billy nearly identical to yours in age and size, and it is some of the best eating critter i've had the luck to bring home!
                i shot it in late august, though...
                btw, who was your guide? i have had a few inquiries and wondered if you would recommend someone?
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                  Nice goat!! I have a similar picture...kiss and all!!


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                    Great goat Kusko, thats a Tikka T3 Lite your shooting , huh kusko. What caliber?


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                      Originally posted by AlaskaCub View Post
                      Great goat Kusko, thats a Tikka T3 Lite your shooting , huh kusko. What caliber?
                      That's a Tikka T3 Lite all right. It's in .270 WSM. I love that gun!!


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                        Thats a nice goat ed, also a nice deer.


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                          I also have the Tikka T3 lite in 270 WSM. Shot my sheep with it this year, that thing is a tac driver


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                            very nice guys, I also had that dg475 and ate the tag!!! Kinda nice to see what could have been. Congrats.


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