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  • DIY Moose and or Caribou

    Myself and a buddy are starting to plan a drop off hunt for moose and or caribou. We want to use all of our own gear we just want to get dropped off by a flight service. I am looking for suggestions on flight services out of the anchorage area. And we are also wondering about gmu's that some of you would suggest to look into. Thanks in advance

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    In my honest opinion the best Air Service out of Anchorage is Trail Ridge Air. I've used them the last five years for caribou and have been very successful. There aare some reviews on their service over on Proistine Ventures forum. This year I took my daughter for her first hunt and she took a nice bull, not huge but a good one. We hunted 19C this year. Usually they go to 17B but it depends on time of year and where the caribou are. 907 243-0838 or


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      Bill, how do the caribou look out there in the units you hunted in? As far as size relation to the Western Arcitic herd?
      Marc Theiler


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        19C Mulchatna herd

        That would be the mulchatna herd. Very good genetics in the bulls as far as antler size. there are some pics of mine and a few others in the photo gallery fo 06 that will give you an idea.


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          Every year I have gone out to hunt the Mulchatna herd, in 17 and 19, I have seen very good bulls. Most of the time I was hunting with my brother or people from Elmendorf who only had a finite time in Alaska so I gave them first shot. They didn't always make the best use of it. Gave my brother and daughter first shot this year but I winded up with the bigger one. I have hunted the WAH twice. As far as comparision is concerned, the caribou bulls seem to be bigger bodied in the Mulchatna herd. The antler development in both are good. The ones I have personally seen in the Mulchtna are a little more heavy beamed but I cannot attest that its a true fact over all.


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            I will check out trail ridge see what they have to offer
            thanks for the info


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              I had heard from several groups over the last couple years that the Mulchatna herd wasn't what it use to be. I've been out that way to help for same day spring caribou hunts last year, which was a bizarre "hunt". I'd love to see more pictures of some good bulls from the area. Where do most transporter services operate out of to get groups into good areas? Just curious.
              Marc Theiler


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                There are operators in Illiamna, King Salmon, Soldotna, Anchorage and I'm sure some others. The advantage of anchorage, for me, is the logistics is so much easier. I drive over to Lake Hood, get in the plane and when I come back, my truck is there. I have seen wall hangers every year. I can't say how far the air services will fly but I know Trail Ridge has done me well. We have flown as much as an hour once in the area looking for a good place to be dropped.


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