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anyone else have jinxed gun?

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  • anyone else have jinxed gun?

    Im going to idaho for a deer hunt next week. I have this 270 ruger that my dad bought me probably 15 or so years ago. It is a really good shooting gun with 130 grainers. I have a good leupold 3x9 on it.

    but here is my problem. everytime I have brought that gun hunting I have had the worst luck. Not seeing game, weather, camp getting raided by greenpeaceies whatever! The only thing I have shot with this gun was a spruce hen (took the head right off).

    Anyone else have a gun that is cursed? Is there a way to break the curse?

    Im trying to sell one of my pistols to get a non cursed rifle to bring with me to idaho right now, but time is running out!

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    Replace it quick! Yes I am extremely superstitous and have always sold guns that brought me bad luck and replaced them with guns that brought me good luck, or so I thought. If its a family heirloom make it a safe queen.I know exactly what your talking about and its a horrible feeling!


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      Cursed gun ?

      Your killing me. Sounds like you have a near perfect deer gun that is waiting for it's master to kill something with it. Take the gun hunting and quite being superstitous, it's bad luck !


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        I've never been the superstitious type, but I'm going to benefit from someone who is. My brother is going to trade me his "cursed" Ruger m77 .223 for a .22 pistol. I'll go buy him the 200-300 dollar pistol he wants and recieve a 700-800 dollar gun in return (including the scope) because he wants to get rid of his cursed gun.

        So yeah, I'm sure your gun is cursed too! Want to trade?



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          Bad Luck

          Dont give up, I dont believe in bad luck. You cant be on top all the time. Thats why they call it hunting and not killing. Ive got such a run of what is called bad luck going that my hunting partners wont hunt with me anymore. I refuse to give up either. God runs things, not the bad luck creature. Good things happen to good people so keep trying and work through this. As for your rifle, its just a tool. Have you ever heard of a person selling a bad luck hammer or screw driver? I think not. As for bad weather and other things. Work through them. Heck anybody can go hunting if its perfect and nothing goes wrong. IMHO As for my two old partners that are reading this post, you know what you two can do with yourselfs ;-) LOL just kidding.


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            What I was referring to is knowing your a good shot and shooting your gun at the range its spot on. Then you go hunting and you miss a deer at 100 yards with a good rest and everything just right, should of never happened, have the same thing happen the following weekend and after missing the shot you go and shoot the gun at a target and its spot on. Conclusion, Gun is bad, must go! I did this once with a Ruger M77 .243, traded the gun off and bought a new gun, slapped a scope on it , went back the following weekend and drilled an 8 pointer at 200+ yards. Call it what you will, but superstitous I am. A gun that is bad luck for one guy doesn't mean its bad luck for someone else. Jim your on the wrong page buddy,but I can see where you thought I was talking about you!


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              Me too!

              I had that happen a couple times early on......

              My dad called it 'Buck Fever'.......



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                Bad luck tools then

                If it is a hammer or screwdriver it goes sailing, you wouldn't even think about trying to sell it!
                When I started deer hunting in MN I had a 30-30 Marlin - couldn't kill a thing with it. It was like whenever it was in the woods the dang thing started throwing curve balls, er.. bullets. In the field on a target it was fine.
                I came up with a plan - I was working at a dairy farm after school and shoveled enough cow cr*p to buy my dad a new .308 BAR. Well, trade him a new BAR for his tired old M99 300 Savage (commonly referred to as the deer killer). I traded the Marlin in and was worried that some of the bad luck might get transferred to the new deer gun during the transaction but that must have been when the cursed thing knew it's power over me was gone. I thought about hiding a note of apology under the butt-plate - but I didn't.
                The 300 maintained it's reputation without dropping a beat and the BAR has dropped more deer in the last 36 years than any gun has a right to. Dad told me to take it to my house last year after his 80th birthday. I think it needs a moose and a boo on its resume and then semi-retirement, until I hand it to my son.
                (and if you bought a used Marlin 30-30 in 1970 from the gun shop on Hwy 65 south of the Hwy 242 intesection (east of Anoka MN) - I am so, so sorry)
                There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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                  Not even close on the Buck Fever thing, 100" 6 point bucks dont do a lot for a guy thats killed most Alaska has to offer.


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                    Didi you ever consider the possibility that it is you who is the Jinx and not the gun? Maybe the gun is plotting ways to get rid of you or to get traded to some "lucky" hunter!

                    Actually, I had a remington pump 30-06 at one time that would refuse to fire at inopportune times. Usually when it was cold. Pull the trigger, nothing, not even a click. Finally after one particularly frustrating non-fire, I wrapped the barrel around a tree on Afognak and left the gun laying in the woods. The barrel was seiously bent when I was done, so I'm not worried that anyone found it and tried to use it.
                    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
                    - Jef Mallett


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                      No that ruger has some sort of ANTI-Game device on it.

                      Whenever I bring my 300 winnie on a hunt, game is frolicking then flopping! Well maybe not always flopping, but I usually see something when I have that gun with me. I have other guns too (small game) that I have good success in the field with. So I dont think its me.

                      Id like to trade it, but the curse was a present from my dad. And has some sentimental value because of that. And My dad is paying for this trip to idaho and Id like to get a deer down there with it. I just got back from kodiak with it for a road system deer hunt that I thought for sure would break the curse but nope! I did see does wich was an improvment over the usual though.

                      Interesting to note that there are also other cursed rugers out there.


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                        I have a 7mm that is GREAT! Several Moose, Elk, Deer, Black Bear....

                        Will sell it to ya for a million dollars!


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                          I've got a 7mm that's the exact opposite of a jinx'd rifle. Even if I walk off the range shaking my head, it seems to always put the bullet in the right place. Cosmic! Whitetail, black tail, mule deer, red deer, wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, black bear, cow elk, Rooster, I'll sell you mine for a swap plus another million.
                          Go klill something with yours, stalk real close and go for it, then maybe the curse will be lifted.


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                            I'm thinking maybe you aren't treating her right. I like to take mine for long walks in the woods. Sometimes we just go for a drive. Sometimes a bike ride. Then we come home and sit by the fire for a good rubdown.


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                              How to lift a hex

                              You need to kill a chicken and then run naked counter clockwise around outside city hall in Fairbanks yelling "My dog can play the Cello". When the cops get there drop and do 50 push up in the snow. Oh and I will give you $35.00 for that cursed rifle.

                              Normal people believe that if something ain't broke, don't fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet.

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