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  • TSA locks

    Going on a Colorado elk hunt next week and need to secure the gun case. Does anyone know were to purchase TSA approved locks in Anchorage?

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    I just returned a week ago from a quail hunt in arizona, and i just used master locks on a hard plastic gun case. Once i declared that i had a firearm to check at the counter, i unlocked it, they inspected the case and the firearm to ensure that it wasn't loaded and that there wasn't any ammo in the same case as the gun. When they were done inspecting it, i locked it back up and they sent it on the conveyor belt. The whole thing added maybe ten minutes to my time in the airport, it was very simple.
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      I got mine at REI. I've also seen them in several hardware stores. They say they're TSA approved right on the package and on the lock itself.
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        master lock

        I have used master locks everytime with no problems.


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          I use the standard master locks on my gun case. The TSA approved locks are usually cheap pieces of you know what, and I'm not about to trust my guns to something like that. I've travelled quite a bit with my guns and always put the ammo in the gun case without any problems. However, be prepared to have different rules at different locations regarding travel with weapons. That seems to be the only definate TSA rule: each location reads the rule book a little differently.

          Good luck with those CO elk.


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            Yeah, you don't need TSA locks for a firearm...use a good regular lock. Besides, you're supposed to be the only one who can open the case. Something we ran into on our trip to Kotz this year. On our way up my buddy's dad had only one padlock on his case, which was fine. However, during out time out in the field, the "rule" apparently changed and now two locks are required...one on each end of the case. The TSA supervisor there let it slide.
            On another side note, on Alaska Air you can have rifle ammo in the case with your rifle (unless that rule recently changed too), but it must be in original factory packaging, or if handloads in a good plastic case. That might be an airline specific rule so check with them first.


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              I went down to Lowes today and picked me up a couple TSA master locks for my guncase and luggage . I diddent know if i would need them for sure or not but i would rather be safe and get the right locks then have my baggage show up to kentucky with the locks cut off becouse they needed to get into my stuff.

              Good luck on your hunt



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