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  • Hunting Gear For Float Hunts

    Getting geared up for next years moose float hunt and had a question or two on what type of boots are worn during floating .
    For the ones that already float hunt what type of foot gear do you wear while floating down the rivers ??
    Like chest waders,hip waders,extra tuffs or ??
    Do alot of float hunters flip their rafts ??
    Thanks for any answers .
    I also asked this question on PV forum.

    Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
    Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!


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    pant boots

    I wear pant boots, even in my river boat, (waist-high hip boots) as a comfortable compromise between chest waders and hip boots. I find them far more useful than hip boots, too. Mine are breathable, and have served me well for many days in the field. They are not nearly as tough as hip boots, though; understandably. I used to wear Extra Tuffs, etc, but I was forever wet. Flip? I never have, but it happens; it is easy to get gawking at the shore and not see a sweeper/whatever coming along. j


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      This year

      I wore breathable chest waders.
      I have used the breathable hip waders before, but tried the chest waders because I like to wear suspenders anyway while hunting.
      They worked out really good. If I were to hike much though, I would take them off, as they just don't breathe good enough for me.
      Short jaunts up the hill to glass or call were fine. We went after a brown bear one day though, and the hike went for a mile up hill...
      got a little to hot for my taste.
      I put on my Goretex socks inside the waders, and then if it was too warm, I just pulled off the waders and put the shoes back on over my Gortex socks. this made it so I didn't have to have two pair of shoes.
      The waders held up for two weeks of float trips with just one tear, due to a exposed Nail on the door frame of the Eskimo steam house I was checking out. other than that, no noticible wear, or problems.
      I think I will do the same next year until I find something I like better.
      The shoes I wear are the kind that have the removable sole. the different soles fit into a groove and are velcro'd in tight. They come with a Vibram sole, felt, and some other styles. I was impressed by the quality, and how well they held up for the two mile hikes and hauling out game.
      At my age, I don't have any desire to go far from the river after game. I limit myself to under a mile. I have had my turn in the barrel hauling meat long distances for many years, and have decided that those animals outside that corridor, are for people that are more hungry than me.
      The last Moose I hauled out long distance, was about 2 miles from the river, and my back gave out.(4 or 5 years ago ) I spent 10 days hunched over. I was not able to stand straight up for several days, and rowing a raft for a hundred miles with a bad back is no fun. I am out their to enjoy myself and not out there to harm myself, so I set different limits now on how much weight I haul per load, etc. the problem with that , is that many places require you to leave the meat on the bone. this makes it hard to not want to carry the Quarters out Whole. they weigh over 100 lbs each on Moose usually, so I just refuse to hurt myself anymore.
      I do everything I can to call the Moose near the river, and it has worked out pretty good, it takes patience, and a good setup to make it happen, but it beats hauling and possible injury. Twisted Ankle's, etc.
      sorry for getting off on that tangit, but just letting the thougts flow..
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        Breathable chest waders are my choice. When you pull over to shore, get the boat stuck in a shallow and have to drag it, or a little rough and spashly water is ahead you dont have to worry much about getting wet. Also, I wear my rain breathable rain gear underneath my waders so if I see something that I want to go after I can quickly take the waders off, put my hunting boots on and go.

        As far as flipping a raft, it can be done but if you pay attention and read the water you should be fine. In fast water, I will make my hunting buddy sit in the front of the raft and "bird dog" for me. If he sees something I can't then he can direct me around the obstacle. Good Hunting!!!


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          Thank you all for your replys ,they are most helpfull for sure .
          I have been getting all wound up working on my first float hunt .
          I will more than likely have a float planner to get us ( hunting buddy from Oregon ) to our destination for a float hunt.
          I have bought one Pro Pioneer and will have to rent a raft or a Pro Pioneer for my Buddy .
          Thanks again for all the information .

          Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
          Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

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