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  • Ak Hunting News: Board of Game to Meet in Wrangell, November 10-15

    This news clip is from Alaska Hunting News. Discussion is welcome, but these robot generated news threads are not monitored by the webmaster.

    From an ADFG News Release >>>

    The Alaska Board of Game will meet November 10-15 at the James and Elsie Nolan Center in Wrangell. The board will consider over 40 proposals on Southeast Region hunting and trapping regulations, as well as other topics.

    Proposals have been submitted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, advisory committees, and members of the general public seeking adjustments to hunting and trapping regulations in the Southeast region. Issues to be addressed by the board include trapping seasons and requirements, methods and means, and hunting seasons and bag limits including deer, moose, bear, goat, and waterfowl. The board will also consider proposals to open brown bear hunting in the Swan Cove area of the Seymour Canal Closed area, changes to the waterfowl hunting requirements in the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge, and modifications to the permit system to assist military personnel serving in combat zones.

    The board meeting will begin with oral public testimony on Friday, November 10. Anyone wishing to testify before the board must sign up at the meeting site before the announced deadline. Public testimony will continue until everyone who has signed up has been given the opportunity to be heard. Written comments will be accepted on specific proposals up until the proposal is deliberated. Comments may be faxed to (907) 465-6094.

    Deliberations on the proposals will begin following public testimony and continue through the remainder of the meeting. Copies of the proposals, the agenda, and the “roadmap” can be viewed online, or contact the Boards Support Section at (907) 465-4110.

    Read the individual article on Alaska Hunting News...

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