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  • Haul road success

    I got back early Friday morning from up the Haul road with a full load of caribou!!
    With all the dismal reports coming from up north, my expectations were not high. We pulled into Galbreth Lake around 3 p.m. Sunday and saw one lone bull on one of the ridges. We set up camp and put a late stalk on the bull. Got within 80 yards of him and he spooked. The snow was extremely "loud" to walk on.
    Next day drove up towards Toolik lake and spotted 20-30 caribou. Got in real close to a couple, but couldn't close the deal.
    Tuesday morning we found hundreds if not thousands of caribou just past toolik Lake. Most on the we made a run up to Deadhorse and saw a couple hundred in the open terrain about 30 miles from Deadhorse. No stalking opportunity. Saw 5 red foxes. Drove back from deadhorse Tuesday night and saw a fox right next to the road. Shot 3 arrows at him and he ducked each one. I've never seen an animal do that before. Each time I shot he would run off and I screamed at him like a rabbit in distress, (or so I thought). He would stop and look at me and then duck my next shot.
    Finally I snuck up about 20 yards and knocked him down.
    Wednesday we found thousands of them right past Toolik lake. They dotted the ridges like ants. They were everywhere.
    My buddy was able to close the deal on a big cow which turned out to be a big bull that had dropped its antlers a couple of days before.
    Thursday morning I put a stalk on a nice double shovel bull and after two hours of crawling through the snow I finally got a 40-yard broadside shot and drilled him. He went about 100 yards and fell off an 8-foot dropoff. When he fell both his antlers came off. I'm holding them on in the picture.
    About an hour later we found a small group of bulls grazing on the side of a ridge right off the road. We got right on top of them and I had a 15 yard shot on this one bull. He went about 200 yards and fell down. Thankfully his antlers stayed on.
    All in all it was a great hunt. Thousands of caribou moving through. We ended up with three caribou and a fox.
    This was my first big game hunt with a bow and talk about a rush. We got 8 inches of snow Thursday morning and that made stalking the caribou silent and obviously deadly.
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    One more pic.
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      Congratulations on your first bow kill! From the photo's, it looks like yoiu guys made a couple of great shots too, WTG.


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        Great Job!

        I always love a "first-timer" story. The reader feels the excitement...Like a little kid at Christmas time! I hope to be telling one of those same stories about this time next year!


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          Great bulls and congratulations on two clean kills. Sounds like a great time to be up the haul road!!


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            combat hunting -- not

            I know people talk about there being too many hunters up the haul road, but this was quite the contrary. We saw no one. Not a single hunter. I guess the cold scares people off. An entire week with no one else around to scare off our caribou. We have heard horror reports about the truckers, but I have to say they were quite courteous. Any time we saw a truck coming we pulled off the road completely, even if there was room for both of us to cross -- we pulled over, stopped and waved as they drove by. 95% of them waved back and all of them slowed down as they passed us. I think if more hunters respected the truckers and the road they have to drive everyday, the haul road wouldn't have such a bad rap. I understand there is that "bad egg" in the bunch, but if you pull off the road you shouldn't have a problem. We had a CB radio with us and heard some of the truckers telling each other that there were some hunters up the road (us), but they were pulled way off the road and weren't in the way of anyone.
            A tip for anyone wanting to hunt during the winter. Practice shooting with whatever clothes you plan on wearing. I shot for almost an entire month at our outdoor range with all of my winter camo, face mask and all. Although I was nervous, I was completely confident in my shots when I took them.
            good luck everyone.


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                Got any gear advise for us?

                Cold weather hunting gear is not something that gets discussed everyday...can you give us any insight on what you wore?


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                  How does it taste?

                  I know that the rut is over, but I was wondering if those bulls have flushed the hormones out of their bodies yet.

                  Let us know how it tastes this time of year, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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                    Huntertom-A friend shot a decent bull caribou near Cantwell 4 days ago and he said it was the best tasting one he has tasted.OBTW,TONS of caribou between Cantwell and Nenana River.


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