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Predator---Dawn or Dusk?

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  • Predator---Dawn or Dusk?

    If you had a choice and wanted to try and call in some critters, which time of day seems to work better, or does it not matter? How long of a calling sequence do you use? How often?

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    I would say early morning to late morning gives you more time for critters. They seem to still be out and about late into the morning during winter time. In the evening IME they dont move till too close to dark and with it generally getting dark so early during winter it doesn't give you much time. With that said I have shot yotes and fox both early and late in the day.


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      early morning, late afternoon. But you can beat hunting in the pitch dark around midnight. Calling critters in the dark is one way to get your blood flowing!


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        just like the posts above

        morning till noon and nightime but ant time of the day is worth the time. I usaly stay at my sets for at least 45 minutes. Sometimes those dogs are a ways out there and it may take a little time to get to the area . Also, they are not at the top of the foodchain so they might be a little leery of coming right in(wolfs,bears). I konw its been cold for a couple weeks but Make sure you bring a little back up fire power there still could be a few bruins still about.


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          Speaking of bruins...

          Just got back from a wheeler ride up the Kings River trail. Almost to the top of the pass we found a set of bear tracks walking right down the trail in the snow. Tracks were a few days old, but after the snow anyway. Might be a few late hibernators out still.

          The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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            I've hunted then all day long with success. Haven't met a predator yet that was going to pass up a free rabbit for lunch. This Wolf was taken in the middle of the day.


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              How the heck you fit that on there???

              Geez Allen you must have some sort of executive privledge or a secret server password to allow you to post such a huge picture! I can't even get a 10MB file to post on here...


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                I use Photo Bucket and just enter the URL instead of downloading a picture from my computor. The picture is only 186,000 Bytes in size.


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                  I prefer hunting at night, but try to refrain from calling too much as the bears out here on the peninsula like to stay up well into December.

                  It's kinda like calling in an air strike on your own position. The results may not be worth it.

                  Nice fur Allen.
                  Now what ?


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                    Or should I say...

                    I can't even get a 700kb file on here...


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                      big dog

                      Right on good looking dog!!
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