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    to go along with that

    I also like to collect the dryer lint....BUT what I do is take the cardboard roll from a used up roll of paper towels or toilet paper and stuff that chock full of dryer lint........makes your own 'log' fire starter.........pretty damm handy!!!
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      Momma - That is a fantastic idea! Thanks...I'll use that one for sure.



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        Dryer lint and wax

        I take the dryer lint and cardboard rolls one step further by collecting the lint, packing it in the cardboard and then dipping it over and over into melted wax to build a layer up. I cover half of the roll in the wax and leave half out. Be careful with the wax I learned a good lesson about it a few years ago. Easy to start and they burn for quite a while. I usually carry two. I know someone who does the whole thing, the wax seals the cardboard against moisture but when lit it melts and acts like a hot candle.

        I also second the Frito idea. They burn very hot.



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          try this one use the very finest steel wool you can find (WD-40 is optinnal to use as a additive) best fire starter around .best to keep stored in a plastic baggy, water tends to rust the steel wool with in a day or so


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