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  • Bighorse
    Population Distribution my friend

    I'll be buying a bow from a fella in Florida and he was sharing a story with me about his 06 Caribou expedition. Less than a mill in one state and more than 2 million on the west coast of WA alone. Distribution of hunters in the great dense USA provides for resourcefull consumption of Alaskan hunting. Hense interest from all over, in fact I may have even looked at your Moose. I'm in WA. Its also amazing how many transient former residents of AK are distributed through the USA. Many men and women helped build AK only to leave. Best wishes! Congrats on your Moose.

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  • AndrewK
    started a topic Interesting Statistics

    Interesting Statistics

    Just found it interesting where people looking at the forums from ...
    I posted a link to my website showing the Moose I had harvested in the '06 Photo gallery. I was figuring there would be more from Alaska....
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