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Reality of bear encounters/dlp situations

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  • Reality of bear encounters/dlp situations

    Curious to see how many folks have seen grizz/brownies in the wild and that really have had to defend themselves against a bear charge. (DLP=defense of life and property)
    Take a second and review/vote this poll. Lets get an unscientific look at at actual bear encounters and the results...

    We posted this one under "hunting forum" due to the remote nature of the travel and meat/packing involved, etc...
    Hikers/fishermen/panners, join the fray...
    Had to put charging bear DOWN!
    Yelled or fired a shot, scared bear off.
    Bears damaged our camp while we were away.
    Saw bears, no problems. They left us alone.
    Never seen one in the field.

    The poll is expired.

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    I live in Sterling and in the last week one set of neighbors had a sow and cub on their porch pushing on the door and another neighbor was chased into a outhouse while walking the trail at Morgan's Landing by two juveniles browns. I work in the local hospital and we have taken care of at least two brown attack cases since August. I know of 1 more that happened on a trail in Soldotna. But, according to ADFG there aren't enough browns on the peninsula.


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      I shot a 9 footer in full charge this September on the Kenai Penn. She was pretty old and missing all of her toes on her front foot. She charged me as soon as she saw me, and didn't give me much of a chance to retreat... I wish she would have, I didn't want to put her down!

      - Clint


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        This should be interesting. I tell most people that bears are ALMOST always more afraid of people than people are of them, but to carry a firearm nonetheless.... I guess I'll see if I am right...


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          not enough catagories

          You missed an important catagory........The Bear got a piece of me!

          Not me personally, but I know a few people who are in that catagory including some ODD members.

          My best encounter didn't quite fit any of these catagries either.

          We were deer hunting near East Point in Uganik Passage and had just come out of some thick alders when I looked up to see a brownie running straight at us. He stopped at about 25 yards and was furiously sniffing the air trying to locate where we were. I hollored to my partner, "There's a bear!" and glanced back to see his gun was already up. When I yelled the bear spotted us and whirled around and dissappeared into the alders cracking branches as he ran. We quickly made our way through the last little bit of brush into the alpine where we had a good view in every direction. I said, "wow that was close pretty cool now that it's over and no harm done now". Barry said, "I can't make my legs quit shaking." and I looked at him and sure enough his legs were uncontrollably just shaking! Took a while for the adrenaline to run it's course. We headed down a different less brushy way.

          So it wasn't just, saw a bear nothing happenned exactly, but that was the closest catagory.
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            Cordova Brown

            Got charged by sow with cub in Cordova. She took three shotgun slugs at point blank and still ran into the brush (only about 20 yards before piling up). She did manage to get hold of my leg after the first shot and the second and third shot came while lying on my back. I was partially to blame--walking out in the dark, alone, bowhunting. We were both in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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              I was stepped on by a bear while camping/fishing in Illiamna next to the Newhalen River. There were 8 brown bears in our camp that night, and finally one of them decided to check out what was in the tent by jumping on it...and me. It was during my younger, less intelligent years when I didn't carry a gun when not hunting. I did have a pile of rocks and a pan, however, which I furiously beat together until the bear ran off. I woke my two buddies in the tent next to me (not sure how they slept through it) and we proceeded to throw rocks at 8 different bears until the sun came up an hour and a half later. It's a longer story than that, with a bear cornering me on the river the previous night for 3 hours, but the bear actually landing on my leg was certainly the climax. In other encounters I have had my gun pointed at the bear with the safety off, but I've never had to pull the trigger.



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                I have encountered the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th possibilties. We had to put a round in the sand on a beach on the Alaska Peninsula this past spring while hunting browns. It was about a 9 ft sow with 2 two year olds that probably went 7 or so feet in size. On the last night they decided to push the envelope and kept approaching us with the troublesome duo in the lead. Mom had made several attempts to get them to pull back and they wouldn't listen.At 60 yards I had my partner put a 300 grain 375 round in the sand just to the right and in front of mom. It didn't even phase her and the troublemakers kept coming, momemts later the wind switched and within 5 seconds they had us with their noses and all 3 were hauling across the beach into the alders. Very good outcome cuz we had 3 guns on 3 bears if they kept coming and not something any of us wanted to do. On another trip me and a buddy were walking out of adrainage in the Brooks sheep hunting when we rounded a corner in the creek to see a beautiful choclate brown grizz with a blonde hump about 50 yards down the creek he was rooting along the creek. Both of us had rifles strapped to our packs and made no attempt to remove them , he spotted us and took off running up the hillside away from the creek and gave us about a 70 yard cushion , we stayed close together and kept walking he eventually he walked back down to the creek and continued rooting when we got 100 yards away or so away. Another good one was a couple years ago while bear baiting we had killed 2 bears on our bait almost at the same time about 2-3 minutes apart. Rolled the wheelers into the bait and loaded both bears up and headed back to camp. About 2 hours later while cleaning the bears(there was 4 of us there) my buddy looks up and theres a nice 6 ft black bear standing about 15 yards from us sizing us up. I walked on an angle from him to the cabin went inside got my bow and came back out and stuck him 8 steps. We later found out that one of the bears my buddy had shot was a sow in heat and this bear had come all the way from the bait to the cabin about 1 1/2 miles folowing her scent in the wet muddy trail as she dripped off the back rack of the wheeler. Dont know what he was getting ready to do but I knew what I was getting ready to do. We got that event on video since my buddy had his camera right by him from the photos we took back in camp. A couple springs a go I was bow hunting griz and got on a dandy dark colored boar that we stalked to 56 lazered yards, I decide to try and close the distance to at least 40 and while furthering the stalk I made a noise the bear heard and he looked our way, stood up on his hind legs and busted us bigger than you know what.He dropped to all 4's and started walking right towards us. At 25 yards he started to circle us and I drew my bow back while he went behind a small spruce tree, at 20 yards I released and totally missed him(had a malfunction on my drop away rest) here I was 20 yards from him, he is standing there staring right at us and totally screwed, he huffed at us like 4-5 times and bolted throught the spruce. Bears aint all bad so far as I can tell. Hope to keep it that way.
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                  I have got a couple more good ones that invlove grizzly bears and me having my pants down around my ankles, but I wont disgust you guys with those. I will say that I never stray to use the toilet away from camp anymore without a gun!


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                    I have had 3 encounters.
                    1) hunting black bears ran into will taking a break IE using the restroom. Small Blackie 5 ft. I talked to it and yelled, but it kept walking towards me slowly. As it was clacking it's teeth. When it go twithin 10 ft. of me I decided I had enough fun and I gave it enough time to leave. So I put it down.

                    2&3) Both times at the russian River. By cotton wood hole on the trail with my dog a young Grizz onto the trail and just looked at us while my dog was barking. Slowly it turned away and heade to the river. Next time the same bear and same day as the guy was attacked below Grayling parking lot. This bear was running people off the river. The Bear worked it's way towards us. We left the area and let the bear have its fun.
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                      There have been a few incidents here in Cordova again this year. Nothing serious, except last week a buddy who was taking a nap and was woke up by his two young kids to say there was a bear inside the house on the porch. He ended up having to shoot it. A brownie I believe. I wanna get the story from him and his permission before I attempt to tell the details.
                      An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
                      - Jef Mallett


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                        Tough to time in the field has resulted in #2, #3, #4, and #5, with most experiences being #4 and #5. Toss black bears into the mix and I can come up with a #1...... I hit #5 as that is the most common result......


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                          Bear Charge

                          Until last week I could say that I had never been full-on charged by a bear....but keep trying and you will finally get the experience. I was actually deer/bear hunting and came upon a nice brownie in some beaver ponds on Admiralty Island. Had the registration permit for bear and was trying to decide whether or not to shoot when he walked behind a lare spruce tree less that 30 yards away. I took 2 steps to my right to try and locate him again and saw a flash of brown come around the tree, then over a huge fallen spruce tree. He locked eyes with me and started coming quickly, never taking his eyes off me. At 10 yards and still coming, I shot him in the chest, with no visible reaction from the bear, stepped tot he side for s shoulder shot, which did not hit the shoulder, but the lung area, but turned the bear, and a follow up shot tho the lung area. The bear walked slowly about 15 feet and jumped head first into a beaver pond where he died. Was it a real charge or a bluff charge???? I guess we will never know.


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                            You guys scare me

                            After 50 years here in Alaska as an Outdoorsman, hunter, and guide I thought bears were not that much problem. I've never had to shoot at a problem bear -- let alone put it down. I typically just walk back and forth and yell so they identify me as a nasty human. I always watch the brush and try to act smart in bear country. From what I've just read, I've been lucky. I don't even carry a gun when bowhunting. Maybe I will have to now.

                            I do think the local bears (i.e. Russian River for example) are much more dangerous than the typical remote areas animals. I've been bluff-charged to within 60 feet in the brush by myself, but that's about it. I have had brownies sniffing just outside the tent -- two feet from my head, but they have always just wandered on... so far. Hope my luck holds.


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                              Black & Brown

                              My dad once kicked up a big black bear while we were deer hunting. He had moved ahead of me a ways, and I stopped to watch him work around the edge of a clearing. I heard a crunch in the snow behind me, and turned to see a big blackie coming from where dad had just been. Might have been 25 feet. Could've been less.

                              We stared at each other for what felt like forever, but was probably 3-4 seconds. I decided the bear wasn't going to run, so I flipped the safety off just in case I was going to need it. At the sound of the click that bear took off. Don't think I've ever seen anything without an engine move that fast...

                              I went over and looked at the track - its hind paw was 6+ inches across.

                              Brown bears I've mostly seen at a distance. And I'm good with that.


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