Ak Hunting News: Anchorage Hillside Moose Hunt Goes Second Year



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  • Ak Hunting News: Anchorage Hillside Moose Hunt Goes Second Year

    This news clip is from Alaska Hunting News. Discussion is welcome, but these robot generated news threads are not monitored by the webmaster.

    A small and somewhat controversial moose hunt on the heavily populated Anchorage hillside begins again on November first. The hunt is for only four cows, and is a cautious second step in the process of reducing the number of moose in the Anchorage bowl.

    The Anchorage Daily News put it this way: "The hunt is small and somewhat experimental. Hunters may only use shotguns or black-powder rifles -- firearms with normal trajectories less than 300 yards -- to kill cow moose. The hunters also must pass a hunter safety course and a weapons proficiency test to help ensure moose are killed quickly and efficiently.

    Other rules stipulate that the hunters must:
    • Drag moose gut piles at least 100 yards from any trail;
    • Provide the location to the state; and
    • Phone state biologists before and after the hunts.
    The reason for all the precaution is the Hillside moose hunt's controversial history. Last year was the first moose hunt on the Anchorage Hillside since 1983, when a bow hunt created a public-relations nightmare."

    Read the entire article in the Anchorage Daily News >>>

    Read the individual article on Alaska Hunting News...

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