Unit 13 Brown Bears




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  • Unit 13 Brown Bears

    When is normally the best time in the spring to hunt brownies along the Denali Highway? Is Memorial Day weekend too late?
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    In my experience the big boys come out first. Usually I am hunting them on the first and second weekend of April and we usually find bear sign by then. After the third weekend the snow becomes to punchy and hunting becomes significantly more difficult. By May I am hunting black bears and setting up my baits.
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      Snow Machine

      Is that a snow machine hunt? I flew into 16B last year the first weekend in April and pretty much got a winter camping trip out of it. We did see one bear flying in but he didn't come back out, really late spring. I'm looking to access an area on foot or four wheeler, and then snowshoe a few miles if needed.
      "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything."


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        The majority of griz taken off the Denali during spring are done so using a snowmachine. Seems like once the snow starts melting the bears really move into the timbered lowlands. Weekend after Arctic Man is usually when guys start looking for them and yes theres lots of rotten snow on the ground at that time.


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