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  • Leupold RainCote Covers

    Does anyone have any realworld experience with using the screw in raincote kit that Leupold offers for their scopes? I hate to buy it and find out it offers little help in wet/rainy conditions.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Scope cover

    I used the neopreem cover that came with my Leupold. Rained for 8 days straight, scope was clear as a bell. Left the cover where I shot my sheep from, Called Leupold and they sent one for free. I now use a rubber band and secure it in the middle to the scope and only remove the ends. Spent almost a month in the field this year and my scope is in perfect shape. My Benelli R-1 has a few scapes and scratchs. \

    Goos Luck
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      Does any one know if Leupold make rain covers for the 1,5-5x20 VX-III scope?


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        Yes they make the Raincote for the 1.5X5X20. But these new Leupold products are only made for the scopes made in 2005 and later. You wouild have to send your scope back to Leupold to have them retrofitted for the older scopes.


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          Raincote covers

          I have a set of these covers. I really love them.. I was continually losing other types in the brush going up mountains and these just won't come off. I use the screw in flip open caps on them as well to keep water off them. I carried my rifle on kodiak this year in an all day rain and while there was some moisture around the threads that caused fogging it cleared rapidly. Most important it kept water off of the objective lens.

          I give them a thumbs up


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            I have the Leupold flip up rain covers and really like them. They keep the lenses dry even in Southeast weather. Jim


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              Thanks for the advise!


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