What defines a Brown Bear Charge?



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  • What defines a Brown Bear Charge?

    While on Kodiak spring Bear hunting, we saw a bear fall thru a cornice high above us, and a few canyons over. We figured he was too far away but continued watching his antics as he made his way down the mountain. He would roll down, slide on his back, stop and sleep, sort of like a kid having fun. When he was half way down we decided he was a big guy. Our plan was if he passed a rock slide on the bottom we would go after him. He did, so we tried to brake the 6 minute mile over the hills and canyons between us with full packs. As we topped the last ridge, there he was, straight across the valley, laying across a rock, looking straight at us. We didn't have time to make a plan as he got up and started to come straight at me. I wouldn't define this as a charge, it seemed a lot more like, wow, I've found my first dinner this spring. He was coming very fast with intent. Luckily he turned his head at about 30 yards and I got a shot into him. He whirled and ran back up the rocks a bit where I was able to finish the job.

    Of course, he fell face down into a crevice. We couldn't move him, so we performed a dorsal cut and took off his back end, guts, everything we could remove from the back. We still couldn't move him. Decided to go back to camp and get a come-a-long.

    Big storm came in... We thought this was a good thing as other hunters decided to help us get our bear instead of sitting around in a Kodiak storm. That was their first mistake. Our first plan was to get a boat closer to him but with 6+ seas in our little bay, that was out. Another ignorant decision was to not take the come-a-long because five people could surely bring the bear out of the hole... Well we did get the bear but, just BEARly. So the pictures you see in the Alaska Trophy thread are of only 1/3 of a bear. Don't know his spread... His skull measured 27 15/16.

    This bear had nothing in his stomach or intestines.

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    Here's one third of the bear.
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      Great looking bear!.Congratulations!


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        I've watched boars and sows do the snow slide routine. They pair up and climb up and slide down for hours. I'm betting he was looking for company, and was coming closer simply to figure out if you were a sow or not.

        Kinda puts a different twist on what might have happened at the end of his "charge" toward you.

        How do you feel about sledding, BTW?
        "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
        Merle Haggard


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          Bear charge

          Here is my definition. Mr. Bear knows I am there. He is on all fours and running at me, jaws may or may not be popping and he is rapidly approaching 30'. That is it for me.


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            Your Bear

            I have lost my manners. Way to go on your bear ! Looks great !


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              Brown Bear, I don't think I'm that pretty! He was not running but walking real fast and purposeful, and staring straight at me. Other encounters I have had the bear will walk toward you but look away as if you are really not there and pretending he really doesn/t see you. Really glad I didn't find out if this was the beginning of a charge or not. No jaw chopping etc...


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                What defines a Brown Bear Charge?

                You do. It doesn't really matter how anybody else defines it and you get a few seconds to decide. Thats all that really matters.

                Congratulations on a great bear.


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                  when is a charge

                  when a bear runs at you fast and close enough. that you unwilling leave a deposite in your tighty whitties....


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