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  • bear and dogs question

    Hello everyone. New guy here and I'll be visiting Alaska in a few weeks for sightseeing. I couldn't get my vacation earlier for hunting but nontheless I'm still pumped.
    I've been doing alot of reading and I have a couple of questions that haven't been answered.
    1. alot of states here in the lower 48 have a hound season to run bear with dogs. Does Alaska or any of the surrounding islands have such a season or at least a catch season to train the dogs. I've ran black bear before but I think cornering a brown would be a pile of freakin trouble.
    Blacks usually aren't aggresive and will sit in the tree mellow while you snap pictures.
    2nd question. How does muskox taste and what zones or areas do they range.
    Have a great day.

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    i can answer one question

    No , you cant use dogs to hunt bear (black or brown) in the state of Alaska.

    I wish i could tell you what musk ox taste like, but cant seem to draw a tag


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      You can use dogs for Bear in SE by permit.

      There have been a few hound hunters give it a try on Prince of Wales Island but it usually doesn't work well. Our bear are aggressive and there are too many to stay on the track of just one. And they don't tree well.

      You could talk it over with the ADF&G Biologist in Ketchikan.
      johnnie laird


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        Like Muskeg said you can hunt with a special permit. A friend uses Mountain Cur (sp) dogs and seems to enjoy it. We are not on the coast and have seemed to have had some pretty good luck. I also agree that getting our bears to tree is pretty hard. Most of the black spruce around here are pretty small. Also the bears I have seen worked aren’t the kind you see on tv or hear about from the friends and family back in the lower 48 ours do get quite aggressive. I too alas have not gotten to taste muskox so good luck on that one!
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          You can use dogs for black bears with a permit. (see page 16 in game regs.) but not for brown. Musk ox is very good. Probably like all game has to be taken care of properly.


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            Yes it is legal by permit and my understanding is that the permit is not difficult to get. But I see 3 major problems why its seldom done here.

            1) No roads. I've seen blacks in the lower 48 go 20+ miles on an all day chase. Up here that could mean 20 miles from a road. Now what?

            2) Grizzlies = dead dogs.

            3) Wolves = dead dogs.


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              alot of states here in the lower 48 have a hound season to run bear with dogs.

              Idaho-California-New Mexico-Arizona-Maine ain't a lot


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                Too many bear

                You will just kill your dogs too many bear!


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                  More than half is a lot.

                  Originally posted by watch4bear View Post
                  alot of states here in the lower 48 have a hound season to run bear with dogs.

                  Idaho-California-New Mexico-Arizona-Maine ain't a lot
                  That list is a little short. According to Minnesota Public radio (where the state is trying to re-introduce hound hunting) - "Across the country, 27 states allow bear hunting. More than half of those states let hunters use dogs. Nine states allow hunters to use bait."

                  Off the top of my head, I can add Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, West Virgina, Virgina, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Utah.


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                    No loss as of yet

                    Talked to my friend today who has been running the curs since the permits started a few years ago and have not lost a dog yet, only minor injuries at all and they were from running in the brush, trees and rivers not the bears. As for the grizzly problems, he watchs the tracks and the area he is in and discourages the tracking of them. He only uses them for blacks nothing else, by the end of the season thatís all they pay attention to, except the pesky squirrls around his place.


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