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Planning GMU 26 Sheep Hunt

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  • Planning GMU 26 Sheep Hunt

    Any recommendations out there / testemonials for air service into the Brooks for (unguided) sheep?

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    If you're going out of Kakatovik try Walt Audi from AK flyers, there is a link on the ANWR homepage. His service is good and his rates are real reasonable for such a remote location.


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      Hey gbt, I don't know when AK Pronghorn last used the aforementioned services out of Kaktovik, but I would highly recommend shopping around before booking anything. Walt no longer flies and last year only had a contracted 206. A 206 kind of limits your drop off points... I have nothing but good things to say about his pilot... He was safe and effecient.

      I personally could not recommend AK flyers. Either of you can send me a PM for further on my 2005 experience.


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        Let me clarify my above post.

        My quote " can send me a PM for further on my 2005 experience."

        I'll explain why I would not recommend Walt's service. That's what I meant.


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          A good friend of mine in Kodiak flew out of Kaktovik with AK Flyers this year on a Brooks Sheep hunt and he was pretty disgusted with the whole thing. He paid the more money option ($2500/person) for them to stay in the air and put them on sheep....which didn't happen. Also said that they declared several weather days on the front end (no big deal) and then gouged him like $350 a night for some crappy bunk room...and if you've been to barter island there are no hotel rooms. I want to avoid that kind of horse****.


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            stay away

            you can email me about Walt, Id stay away if at all possible, I have yet known anyone that have use them and not have some kind of difficulty. You will pay high prices for sheep hunts out a 206, Try Dirk of Coyote Air, very hard to get on with but worth a try, also try kirk of Ft Yukon Air, both are class acts


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              Walt who own's AK fliers....also owns the only hotel in Barter Island!!!

              I have watched Walt land...and will not fly with him.

              I and my sons have flown with Kirk (Yukon Air) for years when he used to fly for Wright Air - very conservative, very safety conscious, very good pilot
              born and raised in AK with graduate degree from Oxford. He does a lot of work for one of the guides in ANWR and therefore has only very limited availability for the general public but I can recommend him without reservation...and he is VERY familar with that neck of the woods.
              "Actions speak louder than words - 'nough said"


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