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    Anybody hear of any deer being taken from Naked and /or Green Island?

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    Green Island is good. The weather can be bad this time of year. Same with Naked Island on weather. There are dear on all those islands. Some have higher concentrations.
    Good Luck, Riverlover


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      Hunted PWS a couple weeks back

      People say there are deer on those Islands. Over 20 years ago I hunted Naked without success, I did see some sign. Two years ago, I was anchored near Green Island in October, and heard rifle shots coming from the there. I hunted in the sound two weeks ago, we found the deer above the 1000 foot level. There may have been deer lower, however, it was thick, making it difficult to see deer before they saw you.


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        20 years ago deer were primarily on three islands. They swim and move
        over the years. They have even been seen in Anchorage the last couple of years. If I was going as far as Green Island, I'd continue to Montague.
        I have personally seen deer on Ingot Island. Would I hunt there when they're thick other places? No.


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          PWS deer

          Green Is. has always been a sleeper for volume of deer. Even as far back as 1971 when I first moved here. Conventional wisdom said, there were more deer per sqare mile than any island in the Sound. Naked. Peak and Storey Islands all have deer, but they are harder to hunt due to not having many meadows. Not much of that nice alpine the big three have. But right now it doesn't matter. I went out today on Hawkins and the snow level is about 200 ft. The higher you go the deeper it gets. What we saw was the the deer seemed to be mostly right at the edge of the snow level to maybe 200 feet higher. They also seemed to be hanging in the timber along the sunny edges. There was no snow inside the timber, at least from 400 feet and lower. We hunted back in a ways until early afternoon and saw nothing but tracks. Then on the way down we heard two shots close by and checked it out. Two young brothers we know had hiked up about 2 1/2 miles from a different spot on the island and one had gotten a small fork-horn. They said it was with a doe and those were the only deer they'd seen. I finally also spotted a doe but it seemed real small so I let it go. We offered to haul the brothers and their deer back to their boat as it was only about 1/4 mile back to my boat from there and they accepted. I took off ahead of them scouting the trail to make sure they didn't end up in a hole and as I started across the last small meadow there HE big a buck as I've ever seen in the Sound. Less than 40 yards away, he was trapped. He had to cross 75 yards of meadow or jump off a cliff. He knew he was dead and so did I even tho my gun was still on my shoulder. I brought it up to shoot as he trotted across the meadow and .......I couldn't see, my scope was fogged! I wiped it and brought the gun up again, still had plenty of time......still fogged! Then I realized the front flip-up scope cover was closed and that's where the fog was. Opened it and snapped a shot at the back of his head as he dove into a gulley and missed at about 50-60 yards. Ran up the next little ridge and never saw him again. Backtracked to make sure no blood and ran into the guys dragging the other deer. They said they saw me running after the shot, but never saw the deer. I think I still hear that brute laughing at me. He knows he got away with one that time. Have fun if you get out!
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