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    I am getting into trapping this year and am looking at buying a 1989 yamaha bravo longtrack. It only has 1300 miles and the price is 1200 dollars with a trailer to tow with. Any insight on if this is a fair price and if this is a good machine would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    The Bravo is an excellent snogo for trapping. Although there are better machines available now days. When your trapping or hunting your needs are quite a bit different, than say rec. riding. You need something that is reliable, you can fix it in the bush, and you can haul it out of overflow by yourself. No matter what machine, you will break it if your really trapping, and if it can't get you to the next line cabin, your cold, maybe frozen.


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      I would personally go with a newer rig, for the simple reason of reliability. Older machines have older problems, that have been worked out by the factory. Older Bravo's had a ton of ignition problems, as that was when electronic ignition systems were being developed. Or carry a good set of snowshoes.
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        89 bravo

        If my facts are correct I believe Yamaha still sells the Bravo with very little changes to it. It is sold in Canada for sure. I was informed that the demand for them by trappers and the like in Canada makes it worth Yamaha's time and efforts to keep it going. "If it aint broke, don't fix it." The price may be a couple hundred bucks high but don't know enough details on the trailer. I own a 89 Enticer with over 3000 miles (hard miles) and have had no engine problems or electrical. I keep it around as a loaner to friends and it just keeps going and going. I have had to replace broken suspension springs and that's it. That Bravo will be slow and rough riding but will get you around. They are great for just slowly motoring around. Easy to get unstuck, won't burn much fuel, and will pull a sled. The metal skiis will bog you down when you start out, they like to freeze to the ice or snow, so get ski skins. If you have the money, there are a lot of new machines that will out perform the Bravo in speed and power. But if you are on a budget and only going to use it for trapping I feel you are on the right trail.
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          Not at that price

          Last year Anchorage Yamaha was selling new ones for around $3500. I wouldn't pay $1200 for an 18 year old machine. You should be able to find something in the mid 90's for that price. Just for comparison, last year I picked up a 92 Indy Lite with 500 miles for only $800.


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            How much is the trailer worth? $500??

            If it's worth $500 you are getting the Bravo for only $700. I'd try to get him down to $1000 and maybe it would be a fair deal.

            With a machine that old you increase your chances of breaking down. Better be prepared for that. 'course you can break down in a brand new machine too. Sometimes you are too far out to hike back so be prepared to stay if you don't have a buddy to haul you out.

            I have broken down 2X when I was too far out. Once it was -40 and the other time it was -65. I was young and stupid. What was I doing out there?

            If you don't have a buddy, maybe don't go too far out in the boonies with it.
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              Don't know enough about the trailer to say, but given the age of sled I would guess the trailer is worth no more than $500. Thats assuming its a rusty steel 2 place trailer with decent plywood and tires, but has bad trailer lights that need rewiring. I'd knock off $100 or so if it needs more work than that.

              The good thing about buying old sleds is that they are down to residual value and unless you crash them, you'll be able to sell them for about what you paid. I'll have an $800 Indy Lite for sale in a couple years when my kid gets bigger.


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