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Any sheep hunts better then TOK?

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  • Any sheep hunts better then TOK?

    I keep hearing about TOK but are there any places better or just as good?

    I am looking for areas to put in for this fall. I hear mixed reviews about 14c, some say it is great others that it is only a draw because it is close to a lot of people and would get overhunted.

    I am a nonresident so I have to hire a guide. I am in good shape so steep is ok. I do not need the very biggest sheep, more is legal rams is better.

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    Tok is also a draw hunt and VERY hard to get. At least it has for me, I've entered 9 years with out getting drawn. It has the reputation, that I personally believe, as the best but others with more knowledge can better answer the question.


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      Depends on how you define "better". Quantity of legal rams, trophy size/quality, horn charactersitics, ease or difficulty of access, esthetic beauty of the area, etc? Most sheep hunters would have a hard time coming up with a "better" hunt than one in the TMA. For me, my best sheep hunt is always the one I am currently on or planning next year!


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        In my opinion if your paying the big bucks and looking for a great ram the scenery and quantity of rams in the Brooks would be at the top of my list if I were a non-resident with enough money for a guided sheep hunt. Not to say that the TMA doesn't produce lots of close to 40" rams but I believe that there are lots of big rams in big country. all over the state. The tough part is getting to them. Some guide outfits have awesome pilots that are capable of putting cubs down in some places that only the best/bravest pilots can. Many pilots will use the same creekbeds and river botoms or safe saddles to land on year after year in a given area. But some of the guys that go farther and land on less than optimal strips get into some great rams. Not telling you that you need a suicide pilot or anything. The Brooks does not require you to draw and there are several guides that work that range.


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          Deltana outfittters, they hunt in the brooks and do extremely well every year.


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            sheep hunts

            Well, good luck getting info on the "best" sheep hunts.

            That being said, I hunted 14C Northwest for 5 or 6 days this year. I saw a lot of sheep, and a lot af sub-legal rams, but not a single full curl that I believed was a legal animal. I was hunting an ewe permit, however, so I didn't really care.

            I personally rate the "best" hunt in terms of opportunity. I went on two awesome sheep hunts this year, killed an 8 year old ewe, and had a great time within a hour's drive of home. My other choice was to sit at home wishing I was sheep hunting. I personally think that's a pretty good deal!

            There is some excellent opportunity to draw ewe permits close to Anchorage.

            Others will disagree, stating that it's all about big rams. I guess I'm not that concerned about the quality of the rams, and am more concerned about the quality of the hunt. Besides, everyone who knows me understands that I rate sheep hunting a distant second to goat hunting!


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              TMA is good if you get the chance. Easy access and affordable. Spend more time hunting, rather than hiking in. Get ahold of 40 mile air, if you get drawn. Cheap flights into good locations. If you don't mind a harder hunt, 14C is actually better. Less competition, as most who get the permits, don't put out the extra effort needed to access the more remote locations. Your guide will be able to elaborate on this.
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                I second Deltana Outfitters. I have two great friends who fly/guide with Deltana and I really don't believe you could go wrong with them.


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                  the holy grail

                  I can't imagine a place with more quality rams in such a concentrated area than Tok. To me its the ultimate. Maybe someday.

                  The Chugach/Knik glacier rams with those outrageous growth rings would be a close second.
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                    any sheep hunt can be great

                    pretty much any sheep hunt can be great. if you are able to get away from a lot of other people it is even better. i was in tma this fall and flew with 40 mile air. it was great - we saw no other people while we were there, saw about 20 rams (not all of which were legal) but it was definitely a quality experience. and managed to get a double broomed 35 1/2 inch full curl ram.
                    i have been in the nutzotin mtns, brooks range, and chugach mtn range and enjoyed every trip
                    hope you enjoy wherever you end up


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                      good info

                      For me a good area has a lot of legal rams, I prefer thicker horns, but just barely (not enough to affect decision on unit). Scenery is a huge plus, I figure any guided sheep hunt is pricey but I suspect some areas should be slightly cheaper if access is easier. I suspect if I pull TOK I could find a reasonable guide - maybe a new guy who is willing to wok hard and is affordable since he is just starting out on his own after guiding for other outfitters - I could be way off on this.

                      Basically quantity of legal rams is the biggest factor with scenery and cost being important too - I need a guide as a NR.

                      If I am going to spend the $100 to enter I want to increase my odds by trying for 3 units, but if other draw units are not any better then OTC there is no point, I would much rather go OTC and know when I am going and be able to plan etc. I have an OTC hunt booked for 2011, if I draw TOK I might cancel that hunt, 2 dall hunts is way to pricey for me right now.

                      Bottom line is I am realizing that the other draw units are not special enough to warrant me applying since I am going to hunt OTC in 5 years any way - do you agree?


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                        Also what about the Delta area for sheep?


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                          If you are going to put in for a draw, Tok would be your best bet for a big ram, lots of them, with great scenery.

                          The only other outfit I would consider would be Deltana. They are 100% (or awful close) for a number of years now.

                          Lastly, is this the Don from one of the stickbow chats?



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                            Thanks, DonV from Bowsite, I use wheels though - same guy you thought I was?

                            I still keep hearing mixed reviews about 14c, some say it is better and others it is about the same as OTC hunts.


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                              Don , If you spend the big bucks for a guided sheep hunt and the guide is reputable, you WILL see legal rams. For example Deltana Outfitters was mentioned. I know Ralph Miller, he goes to no end to put his clients on good rams. They spend a lot of time in the air, has an area no other guide can use and no residents are going to fly into. Heck a couple years ago the State Troopers crashed their plane trying to land in his camp where his pilots did. There were some dandy rams in his camp up at Happy Valley when I stopped in for a cup of coffee with him. So although it would be ideal to draw TMA or DCU for that matter there are many other places for an absolutely successful sheep hunt where a lottery doesn't make or break a hunt for you. Its your choice but dont get caught up in the draw thing if you know what I mean.I am not familiar with the Chugack rams but I know some monsters come out of there too.


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