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  • New Kimber Montana 300WSM

    Heres a pic of my newest child. She's a 300WSM (that does feed all 3 shells wonderfully) and Talley Lightweights with a VX-III in 3.5-10x40. Brand new box of Federal 180 grain Barnes MRX's( $54.99 at SW, Holy Crap) and my new Minox HG 10x52 binos. X-Mas has come early this year. All critters especially the little white ones that live up high better be on full alert next year!!!!!!

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    Great Christmas to be remembered. I am looking at the Minox BD 10x42 BL for Christmas and have the Montana Kimber in .325 from last christmas. Whats the difference in the Binocs?


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      The HG's are the premier flagship binos from Minox, they made them to compete with the big 3 at right at half the price. The guy I buy my glass from is Doug at Cameraland in NY. He just got back from a fishing trip on Kodiak a month ago where they compared alot of binos with a lot of different people. The Leica Ultravid, Zeiss FL's, Swaro El's the Minox HG's and 2 or 3 others. The response to these was unbelievable from those that looked through them. A couple guys actually rated them above the Swaro's. They are Sweet. Mine are 10x52's which I would normally consider to big to pack but they weigh 28oz same as the Ultravids in 10x42 and the field of view is amazing. Havent had them out in the field yet, just played with them around the house. I had the BD10x42BR's, my opinion was that they were about equal to Nikon Monarchs with a little finickier eyepiece adjustements. If you want those binos they canbe had for a little over $200 ($229 if I recall correctly in Demos) from my guy.


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        Sweet rifle

        Nice peice. I'm looking at the 325WSM myself although i think santa won't be coming to my house ever again if I buy another rifle this year.
        It of course didn't help that I bought a pair of 10 x 42 swarovskis myself.
        also got the harness straps that hold the glasses to your body. Best thing ever invented. I havn't come back from a hunting trip without a sore neck in years till now.
        Next step in optics is the spotting scope.


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          Ak Cub

          I too have a new Kimber 300wsm montanna. Let me ask you if you trouble un cocking the bolt after a shell has been fired. I have found some ammo that works better than others but was wondering if it is a traight in the 300wsm shell.


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            outdsman, what exactly do you mean. After you fire a shot and chamber a new one? Will probably shoot it today so I'll let you know if anything doesn't work perfect.


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              Congrats and let us know how that Kimber shoots! There's a picture of my 325 in my avitar heh heh... I'd be interested to know the difference in recoil between that and my Kimber 325. Maybe one of the days we can hit the range together. I see you went with the 3.5-14x40 instead of the 2.5-8x36. I'm surprised at the price of that ammo. I paid 43 bucks a box for Winchester 200gr accubonds at SW in July. Has all ammo gone up?
              A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                Those Kimber's sure are sweet rifles. If I didn't already have a 300 WSM in a stainless Model 70, I'd be owning a Kimber.

                That's a nice setup, dude.


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                  You might try a crony on some of that factory ammo. I did and found some of the power points I was breaking my Kimber in with a bit on the hot side. They have custom chambers so I am wondering if this lends itself to the sticky bolts ( higher pressure) . Handoading with tsx 200 gr . and H 4350 I was at max loads with no sticky bolts. The max loads were compared to the original x barnes 200 gr. listed loadings. I fouind quite a bit variation in fps with the win power pts.


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