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  • bear crack recipe question

    Would someone let me know if this is the right recipe, or if you have any variations?
    Marshmallows, syrup, raspberry jello all melted together. Is the syrup just plain old pancake syrup or Karo corn syrup. Also, a general ideas as to the proportions of each ingredient would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Bear Crack Recipe

    Ingredients: Marshmallows, powdered Jell-O mix, syrup or honey, granular sugar and 1/2lb bacon

    1) Fill up a decent-sized pan, one that your wife or girlfriend is not going to need back I might add, about halfway with marshmallows. Dump in a package of powdered Jell-O mix; add a quart of syrup and a pound or so of sugar and the bacon. Go EZ on the syrup or honey, it will cause it to boil over.

    2) Set pan on a single burner propane stove and bring to a slow boil. Stir occasionally while letting the Bear Crack boil. It will start to smoke after a while and continue for a long time. It will DESTROY the pan you are using so beware. I burn it until it turns into a black brick. Then dump it out and start over next time. I start a burn when I get on stand and remove it when I leave. Some pour the melted mess onto their bait.

    Just burn something sweet, use what you have and don't use too much syrup or in will boil over and a sticky stove is easier to replace than to clean.....Been there.

    Good Luck

    "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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      Bear Crack

      Man I thought for a minute well never mind. Nice reply Stid.

      I use to also make a bear lolly-pop. Fun to watch them pull it out and play with it.

      5 pounds sugar, 5 pounds flour, 1/2 Gallon water, 1 bottle corn syrup, 1 bottle/ jar honey any size, 1/2 bottle of cooking oil wesson is fine med size not the one gallon jug

      Take a five gallon bucket line with Crisco put all required items in mix, mix, mix until it is all combined. Let sit till it starts to set up about 2-4 hours place a broom handle in the middle let stand for a couple of days.

      Take to the woods after you remove from the bucket and stick in the ground. Nothing more funny than watching a bear pull it out of the ground flop put between their paws and have at it for an hour.

      Just food for thought!

      Best wishes on your hunt

      Blue Moose


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