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460 s&w????

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  • 460 s&w????

    This is a bit of a newbie question but I live in Colorado and plan on hunting up in AK here pretty soon. I have a 460 Smith and Wesson 20 inch barrel for my encore and I was wondering if it would be big enough for a Bull moose and/or BIG Blackbear out to about 75 Yards

    Thanks for the Help

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    Hi There I Have The Pro Hunter With The 20 Inch Katodan Barrel I Love That Gun, I Use It On My Bear Baits And I Use It As A Boat Gun I Would Not Even Think Twice About Shooting A Moose With It Our Even A Griz Our Brown Bear It Packs A Lot Of Smack. I Have A Limb Saver Stock On Mine But Have Had Freinds Walk Away Form It With Scope Eye. I Have A Lot Of Guns Ranging From 50 Bmg To 17 HMR And My 460 S&W In The Pro Hunter Is One I Use A Lot.


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      Thanks Skip but just wondering what type of loads do you use with it? Right now I shoot 300g Sierras but I could always go bigger...


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        What do you other people think of it as a hunting round? Big Bullets big animals? handloading? any advice on using it?


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