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Shipping gear to Kotz from the lower 48

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  • Shipping gear to Kotz from the lower 48

    What is the best and cheapest way to send extra gear(gear to heavy for the plane) to Kotz and back from the lower 48?
    How much lead time should you give?
    Who do you ship it to?

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    Ship it to yourself

    My son and I shipped some of our heavier items, boots, hippers, and some bulky things like sleeping bags back home via United States Post Office.. also shipped our dryed sheep capes and skulls same way, to our taxidermist.. insured the hell out of 'em.... saved a lot of carry on/checked baggage on the flight home..should work going up, too. Just get an address from your outfitter?? HTH.. Les


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      Kotz can be a logistical nightmare sometimes. Sometimes it's better to just pay the airline for the excess baggage, if you have awkard stuff and a bit of it, then Northern Air Cargo would be your best bet, you can always send your stuff up via the postal mail. Again depends on who you are going with as well, is your transporter willing to pick up gear at the post office if early or NAC? You should be able to ask your transporter what he would recommend. Some of them won't cross the street, some will pick stuff up. Just pray that Alaska Air doesn't forget to load your gun.
      Marc Theiler


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