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    I know that that the membership is limited, but any info on DG362 would be appreciated. Planning on a Tutka Bay launch August 15. Is is worth it? or is the majority of the Goat Herd on Sadie Cove? I'm too old to do any straight up hunting, so what is your suggestion?
    I'm looking for all the help I can get.

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    uh.... but goats live straight up

    hey mike, if you are not up for climbing you might look into flying into one of the small lakes in that area. they get hit hard, and the goats get pushed back early, but at least you won't be climbing up from the salt.
    most of the goats in that zone are around sadie peak and back that ridgeline towards the icefield.
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      Homer Dave

      I was just thinking about this again today. I've been studying the maps and looking for a way onto that ridge from down below but don't see a good way unless I go around and up the back way. Anyway, it didn't look good. Wish it had a better trail like the Tutka bay side (Grace Ridge). That one looks good, but no goats. Guess I'd better go in early (when opens in August) unless I can get a ride into a lake. Funny you should post today when I was dwelling on that. I don't even have my boat ready to fish yet, and I'm already thinking of how I'll get up that ridge..........

      I'll be doing some scouting starting in May, weather permitting. Still deciding whether to anchor up my boat or take a taxi to hunt. Taxi is looking better if I have to spend a couple days up there and don't get a plane ride. I'd rather not leave the boat unattended for that long.

      Daily walks are in progress. Will start uphills with a pack pretty soon. Hopefully I won't faint on the mountainside later.

      Thanks again for your help, Dave.



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