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Anyone ever use one of those SPOT locator / messagers while out hunting

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    The SPOT worked flawlessly for us last September on our 10 day moose hunt. Significant others loved the updates for their piece of mind.

    Initially we had some difficulty setting ours up (user error) and had to call SPOT for help, they were fantastic over the phone and got us dialed in.

    For the $150 initial investment and the $80 or so bucks a year to have a unit like that to take with me and my family camping and with the fellas hunting is a huge bargain at twice the price...


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      Brian, Did you just push the back end over and roll the sled out. Sometimes its so much easier to just roll it over then dig dig dig and dig. Windshields are cheap.


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        Originally posted by pblackb592 View Post
        Brian, Did you just push the back end over and roll the sled out.
        Me? I took pictures.

        We rolled the sled over. After the first time the windshield was still mostly in tact. About five minutes later, though...:eek: Somehow I didn't pull my camera out that time.


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          I don't have one myself but I am on the Nome volunteer fire dept/search and rescue and we had a lone hunter from out of town go out by himself and got his snowmachine stuck in a creek and the weather got bad (ground storming/white out in February) he used his spot locater and it gave us the gps coordinates, and we were able to go strait to the guy and get him home safely with out wasting any time looking for him and get him out of the nasty weather. IT SAVED HIS LIFE!


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