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Bear baiting alone or with a buddy?

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  • Bear baiting alone or with a buddy?

    I'm farely new to bear hunting, I just caught the tail end of last years baiting season when I came back from Iraq. I was wondering how many of you if any go to your bear stands by yourself, or if you always have a partner with you? With work schedules, and the buddys I hunt with, we don't always have the chance to hunt together. If I don't have somebody to go check the bait with and hunt, is it wise to go alone or not? I carry a 44 magnum for bear protection, and try and make a lot of noise when I adding bait to my stands. Thanks

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    I'm going to let the rest of the guys on here rattle you a little.

    Personally, if you have not been out there and seen the behavior of bears, I would take someone that has.


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      I baited my first year by myself and learned a few things along the way. One of which is that I would always like to take someone else along; even if they were going to their own stand. It is kind of erie coming out of a a trail on foot especially when things get greened up and the woods become thick. I had one run in with a small grizz that year and I kept thinking I wish I had someone else waiting at the trail head. But, I would not give it up if I had no one to go out with me. You just have to take extra precautions and care when traveling by yourself. Those are just a few of my thoughts.


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        i do both on a regular basis... the thing about having a stand is that both hunters need to visit it on a regular basis...

        that bear will KNOW you are there every time... new smell.. may make them stand off..

        listen to rockskipper... get a buddy until you know and understand your bears... find a place to hunt and stay there.. you will get the same bears year after year and they will get to know you as well...
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          I believe I started baiting solo at 15. As far as safety goes, I wouldn't worry too much about baiting and hunting on your own. But I do agree with the other guys about taking someone along who is familiar with bears.


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            I do both, last year I killed mine alone, but called for help to pack out. I try to hunt with my partner or bring someone along to refresh the bait when I can, but with different work schedules etc its just not possible for me to have someone with me every time I go in.
            I will admit it is spooky at times going in and coming out alone. I think the use of the trail camera last year made it even worse. Before using one I wasnt aware of how many brown bears were hitting my bait, but the camera let me know just how many different ones there really were in the area and how big some of them were. Once im in the tree the tension is usually off, but the walking part is a little nerve racking at times.


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              Being alone is a non-issue, right up until you kill a bear. If its a bear of any size, it can be a beatch to get em out by yourself. A 200+ lb bear is a very awkward dead weight, they dont have wrist or ankles like humans, so its hard to get a goood hand hold to man handle/lift them with.And field dressing a bear to pack it out near the bait station can also prove interesting as you may/will have company in the hours that follow your harvest. If your not baiting far from town, and you can quickly go get help to get the bear out, then dont sweat it.


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                I bait alone. However, the first trip in I settup my tree stand. I take my wife along in case I have a "problem" and it refreshes her memory as to how to find the biat station. After that I go in aone. When I get close to my bait the rifle comes out of the quick release and gets checked over. I then slow down and watch for all the signs, never had a problem.


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                  In the 2 or3 years I've tried baiting (wasn't too serious about it but will be this year I have had a couple of interesting run ins with brownies. That said, I've only baited alone & that probably won't change in the near future. I do 90% of my hunting for moose alone too.
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                    Thank you for all of your advice, and good luck this season.


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