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  • Need some help with a tent

    I am trying to make a decision on what size of tent to get. I have definitely decided on the bombshelter from Barneys but now I just have to decide on wether to get a 8x8 or the 10x10. Looking at Bear hunting the peninsula with a buddy this fall and was hoping that somebody may have some experience with these as far as size and comfort. I know the theory of bigger is better but also was hoping to stretch the wish list a little farther if I could. Any input is appreciated.

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    Bomb shelters

    I probably will not really help guide you toward one or the other, because...
    I have both.
    The 8 X 8 is about 32 pounds. The 10 X 10 is like 50 pounds. I could be be a pound or three off with those estimations. I like to be able to stand upright, and you can in the larger tent. I have used the 8 X 8 bombshelter very much in the past out in western Alaska and on the Alaska Peninsula. When properly tied down in the alder brush, I have never saw an 8 X 8 come down from the wind. And all of us have experienced fierce wind and rain storms in that country. I have saw a 10 X 10 come down in the wind one time. Even though in a hollow within the alder, and ties down with about 22 ropes, it has a large surface area that the wind pounded into submission.

    So if I only have one client-hunter and if weight is a concern, I grab the 8 foot tent. But when weight allowance on the airplane is not a factor I grab the 10 foot Bomb Shelter, and a bunch of rope. For drop-off brown bear and/or moose hunts, I use the 10 X 10 usually.

    All the new model bomb shelters have better light inside as compared to the old ones. And the new ones have much better, more efficient air flow, which was one of the early complaints.

    Have you read and really studied the thread started on about 12-31-08 (?) concerning LARGE TENT CHOICES??? I use Bomb Shelters but there are other choices.

    Perhaps some other hunters can help more...

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    …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
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      For a large tent, get one that you can stand up in. It sucks spending an entire day weathered in a tent that you have to hunch over or sit in.
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        Kay9 makes a good point.
        And when a longer storm hits, a six day storm, it becomes exponentially more important to stand upright sometimes.
        By the end of a two or three day storm with horizontal rain, you will end up memorizing the entire AK game regs, for every unit.
        Imagine (It's easy if you try)
        …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
        (Whisper words of wisdom) Let It Be


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          Ithink there is a used one in each size on Craig's list right now.
          Vance in AK.

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