Palmer creek and resurection creek Late April?



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  • Palmer creek and resurection creek Late April?

    I've been planning on hunting palmer creek road this fall (black bear). I will be in the Anchorage area this weekend and have been planning on scouting the area, but I'm pretty sure that it would be tough to get back there without a significant avalanche danger. I know the road is closed till early June, but how soon is it that you can safely walk the palmer creek road to the end?

    Being that palmer creek will likely not be doable this early in the year, I was also thinking of checking out the cooper landing section of the Resurrection creek. How deep is the snow on the lower sections of the trail? I'm assuming I should plan on bringing snowshoes?

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    I was over by Palmer Creek this weekend. The trail has a lot of snow and ice on it still. Wouldn't want to drive in. Snowshoes are a good idea. Not sure about avalanches. Lots of snow on the mountains up around Hope still. I would imagine the trail would be alright, but be careful.


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      How much snow is there at the lower elevations like the resurection creek and Hope areas?


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        The snow is melting off lower for the most part, but the alpine areas are sill fairly snow covered. Some of the slopes on the way to and around Hope are geting close or opening up, but still another week or two in my mind until the bears are out in force. I'm laying off this weekend and going back out next weekend.


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          Originally posted by Brett Adam Barringer View Post
          still another week or two in my mind until the bears are out in force. I'm laying off this weekend and going back out next weekend.
          Good plan, hopefully we will get some rain this weekend. I was snowshoeing yesterday at mile post 7.7 on the Hope Road and the snow was average 24" deep and rotten, one shoe can off and I went in to my waist, this just a 1/2 mile off the road. Encountered one fresh Brown Bear track coming off the mountain. One of the clues that I use is, where is the green......? And generally that will be along the road, and in snow slides where the sun hits the dark brown earth or Black asphalt and causes the first green sprigs of new grass. And that is just starting, the sprigs are only 1/2" tall but they will start growing an 1" per day, and in a week the road shoulder grass will be 5" or 6" tall. There is now a fresh ground leaf out that I think is ground Dogwood, it looks like baby spinach and has a small pink/lavender flower.


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            I saw some large tracks on a mountain right near Hope form a LONG way away with my spotting scope. I'm guessing a browny but hard to say without a bear. It does seem some brownies may be out.


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              Just got back. Decided to just do a hike up the resurrection trail from cooper landing instead. Bottom of the trail has no snow, but 1-1.5 ft of snow once you get a few miles back, especially in the pines. Figured I'd bring the rifle just in case I had an opportunity.

              I think I'll check out Palmer creek mid to late May. I believe the road opens up June 1st???

              Thanks for the help.


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