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Where to get Grizzly sealed in Juneau?

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  • Where to get Grizzly sealed in Juneau?

    I am going on my first grizzly hunt on northern Admiralty this weekend. If I have some luck, where can I get it sealed in Juneau? Also, any advice/recommendations?

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    Fish and Game would be my first choice. Not sure they will seal your "grizzly" from Admiralty, but will probably seal your "brown bear" from there.


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      Fish & Game office. Fish & Wildlife trooper. Some taxidermists are authorized.
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      …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
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        If you're talking Bear Creek- Lone Mountain- Barlow area I've hunted deer there but not bear.I've seen bear but the brush is dense& hard to get a good look near the beach. Don't know if you can find them further up,visibility would be better

        Been some deer hunters mauled in that area.

        Youngs bay has more alpine.

        Or are you going to the west side?


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          Vaguely remember this being a registration hunt? Might be wise to check in with the US Forest service also.
          Something in the Empire a few years ago,a hunter didn't have the right permit>


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            You can seal a bear at the Douglas F&G office, across the bridge from town.
            Still a lot of snow here right now, though a few bears are out. You may find them scavenging winter kills just inside the tree line, however this is a pretty intense way to hunt them, as you are hoping to find them on a food source that they have claimed. You have to be "Super Sneak", and be alert at all times.
            Good luck.


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              Thanks for the info guys. I will be calling ADF&G today to get details about a permit to hunt there. We (2 of us going) were planning on heading out from Tee Harbor to the East side of Mansfield Pennisula, follow the shore around to get a good look at the shoreline at low tide (seen a handful of bears on the beaches around those times) and beach the boat up at the sandy beach at the end of the cove. Then we were going to push up best we could up the pennisula on the west side. The top of that area looked fairly bare from the helo flight in.


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                Might want waders,I think that's muskeg on top.


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                  are you a resident, or non-resident?


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                    This is chauvotsm - I had my screen name changed. I am a resident. I've got my license and tag. Just need to run over and get my permit for Admiralty from ADF&G.


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                      Might see you over there. I 'm going to get my 1C and 4 registration cards at lunch today - along with my launch permit at the Aurora Harbormasters orifice.

                      Chris Frary is the guy that always helps me there. He was the original owner of the Outboard Shop.

                      They seal the hides down on the 1st floor of the ADF&G building in Douglas.


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                        Nice LG. After some debating and looking at how much snow is still on the beaches, I think we are just going patrol tha beaches. We are going to launch out of Tee around 5:30 and start hitting the shore around Barlow. If it's nice I think we will try the Lynn Canal side. If it's a little windy we are gonna stick with the east side. If all else fails then we'll follow the backside of Douglas looking for blackies. Wave if you see us. We will be in the blue POS boat.


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                          Saw a monster out in one of the areas you mentioned last year while there was snow still on the beaches. saw him again right after the season so I imagine he is still around. I am not going to tell you where because it would ruin the suprise, but I bet you will have some luck this weekend or the next. Good hunting.


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                            We are hoping. Thanks.


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                              I don't hunt on the north end much.

                              Pretty much south end only.

                              I'm not super-serious, but it's better to have tag in hand when you see that once-in-a-lifetime bruno, which I haven't yet.

                              A guy got a 9-footer a few years back in Echo Cove.

                              My neighbor saw a huge one outside of Berners near Pt. St. Mary's a few years back. They couldn't get to shore to try and shoot it.


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