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  • Kobuk vs. Noatak

    Was looking at taking a private boat from Kotzebue up one of these rivers to hunt in September. If there is anyone with some knowledge of these rivers that could tell me the best way to go.
    Things to consider are how far of a boat trip would it be from kotz to a decent hunting ground on each river and what could I expect my chances to be.
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    First, keep in mind you will be competing with several hunting parties I am sure with the same idea. Both rivers are "major" waterways for hunters and natives. Either river is good for hunting depending on the weather, the temperature, how much the caribou are moving.

    I've seen many folks take a motor boat from the bay in Kotz. You have to have the right weather to make good time and for safety's sake. The Noatak is about 20 miles or so northeast from Kotz. The Kobuk is about 70 miles or so from Kotz, and the Kobuk is slower moving water. Getting to the mouth of either river will definately take you some time depending on the motor and the weather.

    Our hunters have usually done well either on float trips down the Noatak or on a fly in. Same with the Kobuk, either waterway will have some traffic and you might have to get off the beaten path even up there to get into terrain that you're not competing with every Tom, Dick, And Harinnuq
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