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  • Cordova Black Bear Hunting Info

    I may have an opportunity to hunt for black bear this May in Cordova but I won't have a local pointing me in the right direction.
    I am not going to ask for your favorite hot spot just some basic information.

    Where do you register bait stations?
    Do they map your bait station location (so I don't unknowingly set up right next to the guy who has been at spot for years, they did this Valdez)?
    Where do you get your bear sealed?
    When does baiting become effective/productive?

    And anything that I did not ask that I should have :-)

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    bear permits

    Its all on line, just check the baiting section. One problem about cordova is there is alot of native corp land. You can get a permit, but you need to know so you don't trespass.



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      There is also a Fish and Game office in Cordova that seals bears during normal business hours 8-4. Lots of coast to look at from a boat. Look out for the shallow stuff. Plenty of trails to walk around too. The forest service has maps of those.


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        My buddies spent alot of time in Cordova last summer as they are commercial fishermen. They got a blackie off the road system and saw LOTS of bears.
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          Why would you want to bait? You should have plenty of options just glassing the slides off the road system. I would drive out to 27 mile bridge and go up river and hunt along the slides. There are plenty of blackies there, also getting hooligan along the bank. Also take a skiff down Eyak river toward Crystal Falls, lots of blackies on the slides.


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            Thanks for the info, that is why asked. I lived in Valdez for three years and baiting was the way to go so I wanted to see if it was the best way in Cordova.


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