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Anyone deer hunt on Green Island?

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  • Anyone deer hunt on Green Island?

    Has anyone deer hunted on Green Island in the last 2 or 3 years? I'm thinking about it, but the last nearby bigger Island trip was miserable and nobody saw anything. I'm just looking for experiences and advice for an October hunt.

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    Do not now about green but went to montague in october and got the cabin for 7 days at port chalmers. The were 2 of us We got up before day light and hiked up to the falls and he got on one ridge and me on the other side and we sat thear for about 1 hr and hear come the deer we got 6 that trip. hope this helps


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      Hookedoo, did you use a transporter or water/air taxi?



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        No I have a 2556 10 wide bayliner with a 406 sbc about 450 hp It runs 22knt at 3150 rpms at 11.5 gpr I have a flowscan meter with 4 pass. and gear a very fast and stable boat.


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          I did last august. The up side is there are deer out there. The downside is, it's a flat heavily vegitated island so actually finding the deer and getting a shot is an entirely different deal.

          PWS is a tough place to hunt deer, and thats when the weather is good.
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            Deer out there

            Hunted both Green and Montague with deer on both. Look at Google maps to get a lay of the land. Trip out there can be rough and I've done it also in October.

            Try Dan Eames if you need a transporter out of Valdez. Good guy - have no idea what he charges. Good luck.
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              In October.....Don't expect to slaughter them just prepare to walk you're butt off and have a good time. Put in the time and effort you'll see deer. You may not get a shot off but you'll see a deer two. I've hunted Perry, Hintchinbrook, Knight, Naked (THE ISLAND) and Green. I'm probably going to Montague this year. I've found the same results on every island. If it ain't steep, it's thick. If it's open, you don't see any deer. If the weathers bad, it can get worse!! Just when you think the deer sign you're seeing must be coming from invisble or nocternile night roaming deer, you're hunting buddy shoots one...... It's a tough hunt but I like it. I'm being a little sarcastic but for the most part thats all true. Maybe you'll get lucky and whack one on the beach. Those ones are my favorite


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                2 deer

                I spent about an hour there right before dark last October. Climbed up on the ridge, blew the call and took two and climbed back down. There is a brown bear on the Island, I saw him at about 30 yards. Not an especially big one, though. Good luck.


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