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  • Mental health Trust land fees

    Can we change their policy? Their charter says they must use their reources for maxium gain. Why is this important? To use their land you need a permit. Want to go fishing, berry picking, or hunting you have to pay them $350 for a permit. Are you are trespassing. Every time land is tranfered to them more land is locked up for the locals. I thought this was bad till I checked with the University Land permits. They want about $500 for a permit. There seems to be more and more land in Alaska locked up. What can we do?

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    i'm thinking START BUYING LAND.

    p.s. look in the paper under announcments, all the small print is ussually companies buying land.. I believe I saw Ahtna's new purchase"aquisition" of another 22,000 acres..just recently
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      I've done some digging around on the MH trust land websites and have yet to find a clear description of access and permits. Can you post a link to where the $350 access permit is discussed? Or was this something you found out about elsewhere?
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        Crazy fees for the crazy land use. One would have to be crazy to pay these crazy fees. Must be more crazy people than I first thought.
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          Commercial use vs Personal use

          The mental health lands are set aside to develop income to fund services for the mentally ill. They develop income by either selling the land, mining the land, timber sales, or charging fees for commercial access. In AK the trust was sued many years ago because they were not using the land to finance the mental health system up here. API and other facilities were run down and begging for money from the government all while the trust sat on millions of dollars worth of resources. They are finally stepping up and doing what they were tasked with from back in territorial days.

          When working across some MHT lands these last two summers they made it clear that the only reason fees and permits were required was due to the commercial aspect of the work we were doing. If it had been Joe Sixpack just wanting to pick some berries for himself then no permit was required since it is state land and Joe was using it for personal use. If Joe wanted to start outfitting bear hunters to keep the berries from being all ate up then he needs a permit.

          It is the same for U of A land. U of A is a land grant college and is supposed to self fund through sales of their granted resources. Again since their land is also state land their permits only apply to commercial use of the land.


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