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  • Drop camp footwear?

    Well I've done a couple of float hunts and decisions on footwear wasn't too difficult but this fall I'll be doing a moose hunt from a drop camp on a lake and will have some sort of boat. Having a little trouble deciding what to take. What combination have worked for you in the past? Any additional insight would be appreciated.
    Semper Fi and God Bless

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    After a lot of trial and error, I will never do another moose hunt without roll-down, gore-tex, stocking foot waders. I wear a pair of drainable hiking boots over them.

    Sims are good but expensive. I have used a pair of Cabela's on my last three moose hunts, and they have still never leaked. Orvis waders are garbage.

    Don Mulligan


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      At least a good pair of hip boots with lug soles, a pair of hiking boots and something to wear around the camp in the evening to let your feet relax and boots to dry out.

      My personal experience only, Good luck!


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        LaCrosse Big Chief waders or knee high X-Tra Tuffs should work well for your drop hunt.


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          LaCrosse Big Chief With Air-Bob soles or the Burley with Air-Bob soles.


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            La Crosse Ankle Fit Hippers

            Can't go wrong with them, that's why there seems to be so many of us that wear them. Sometimes I wish they would make the big chiefs with about 800 grams of insulation instead of 600 With that said, a small felt insole has helped keep my feet a little warmer, along with the thorlos mountaineering socks (heavy wool blend).


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              Boots and Crocs

              I use LaCross rubber boots, I've also used hip boots. My only issue with the hip boots is I can't get a pair that fits my fat legs very good!

              I always have pair of Rics or Crocs for around camp.


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