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  • Kids hunting books !

    I received my order of Little Jake hunting books the other day. It is a series of hard cover books written by a hunter and illustrated in color. Each book has a theme and it is geared towards 2 to 5 year olds. I read Little Jake and the 3 Bears to the grandkids last night. Little Jake finally shot a bear and got a bear rug to keep him warm and a bunch of bear sausage to eat. They even have one called "Little Jake Hunts Alaska". Not your typical kids books. That is fine with me since we raise our children to love God, hunt fish and have a warriors heart! If your interested you can see them at "Little Sportsman Inc." on the web. I probably like them more then the kids. No, I have no finacial interest in this, not smart enough!

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    Those sound like great books...

    I'll check them out! My wife is a reading teacher and she's always buying books for her kids for incentives, I think I might suggest these!

    Let's all look at these, if you think they are good, get some for the doctors, dentist, etc. office! My barber has some kids books, good place there too! We can do a good job with our own kids, but lots never get any exposure to this way of life.

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      i also purchased a few of those books for my boys (4yr and 2yr) at the GASS. the gentleman selling them (the author) seemed quite interested in whether or not they had the desired impact. i bought the little jake and the three bears, little jake hunts alaska (i could do without the guide part but that is being nitpicky), and the rifle/gun safety storybook. those were the ones that were most relevant to my boys here in alaska (there were also whitetail hunting stories, etc). they enjoy them tremendously, and i am probably averaging two plus requests each day to read the books to them. the outdoor interest and ethics in the books are solid, and gives further teaching points for dad to instruct and embed the world of hunting and adventure to his boys. those with children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews etc should check them out.
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