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    Was looking at getting my 6yr old son a single shot .243. i know it would be good for caribou but was wanting to know what everyone thought for blk bear over bait. I think as long as its a good shot shouldnt be any issues. Has anyone used 243 for bear before? Any bullet recomendations

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    okay take two... i had this all down and my computer updated...

    My son uses 243 90 grn Ballistic tips. we took two black bears with it last spring.

    first one at 30 yards from a stand. heart lung shot / five foot bear... down in 6 yards. HUGE HUGE amount of blood trail

    second bear came walking up the drive at me and my daughter grabbed the rifle. (same) shot bear dead square in the chest. at 15 yards.

    entry hole was .50 cent piece in diam.. bullet was found inside the rear thigh by tail... went end to end. bear was down in 10 yards only because he jumped that far when hit...

    for inside 100 yard shots... YUP.. it is a good set up. for bears and kids to shoot..

    as for the single shot.. check out he NEF. we have one in 223 now for the kids perfect size.
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      sounds good thats the one i was looking at the nef and you cant really beat it for the price. Thanks! Hopefully i can get him out with me this year. He is tired of jus sittin with me he wants to be able to pull the trigger.


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        Check out the rossi trifecta

        In 20ga/.22LR/.44mag

        In 20ga/.22LR/.243win.

        At 334 bucks for the complete package, you cant hardly go wrong. Maybe you could even find one cheaper online or at a dealer. Worth a look. Member BRWNBR has one for his boy, maybe he'll chime in...

        Hey, just a quick search on gunbroker, found 'em cheaper....
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          The trifecta

          I will second the rossi trifecta! It is a sweet little all around gun. My neighbor up a the cabin has one and he loves it. He has taken a black bear and a 6ft griz on the talkeetna river with it out of a stand at 40-50 yards.
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            That .243 sounds like a good way to go. Start him with those nice easy plunker rounds and he'll have a ball shooting it.
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              I got my boy the same rifle with the .22/.243/20G combination. Great all around rifle. .22 for rabbits/grouse .243 for black bear/caribou and 20 gauge for when he wants to chase ducks with me.
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                .243 is great for anything...

                with the right shot and bullet. My son's first big game animal, when he was 12 which is the age limit here in Idaho, was a nice sized black bear. He has a .243 Ruger, shooting Hornady light mags 100gr interbond. The bear was right at 150 yards, facing us, he was looking over a log and there was heavy brush all around the bear, with this being the only shot he was going to get. I told my son to aim right under his chin, knowing he was a great shot from our time on the range, and he dropped that bear right there, one shot went though the neck and blew out the spine.

                That same year he dropped a nice 4pt buck at 150 yards shooting offhand. Lung shot, deer went 50 feet. The next year, I shot a nice whitetail buck with that gun (it's so sweet to carry at a little over 6lbs.) at 436 yards, dropped in it's tracks, through the shoulder and blew the lungs to smitherines. This is a youth model gun with a short stock and a 16 1/2 " barrel, but it is a tack driver. The Ruger has the best safety going, IMO. But, for the cost, a single shot is a great way to start, and generally they are pretty accurate, not a lot of moving parts and safe and easy to clean.

                Your son will learn to shoot well with a .243, not much recoil and a superb calibre. You should plan backup shooting bears if he is shooting a single-shot though.


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