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Spring Black Bear around Pt. Mac/Little Su?

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  • Spring Black Bear around Pt. Mac/Little Su?

    Just wondering if there is much black bear action in the Point Mac/Little Su area? Been out there hunting moose and small game along the trails out there in the fall, but never really looked for bear.

    Just wondering if the area would hold any possibilities for spring bear or if I would be better off elsewhere. Would be still hunting/spot and stalk. My In-Laws live out along KGB road so I would have a place to stay and avoid excess driving back and forth if there are bears out there.

    My other options would be spot and stalk along the road system or foot trails as I have no ATV or boat at the moment. My schedule limits me to one or two day outings so anywhere that will keep my driving time down and hunting time up is a plus.
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    sure there are bears but the spot and stalk method will be tough. the area is so flat there will be minimal visibility. with snow on the ground still in the wooded areas it will be easy to find tracks to help you locate them.


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