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    To apply for sheep hunts for 2007 I need a 2006 license right?

    I do not have a license now, so my plan is to skip nov sheep apps, buy a license next year (2007) and next year apply for sheep, moose and bison, (moose for 2007 sheep for 2008) am I right that with this plan I would only need a 2007 license?

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    if you have residency now...

    i think you can purchase a 2007 license online in time to apply.
    not sure, though...
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      To apply for sheep hunts for 2007 I need a 2006 license right?

      No, you can, right at this moment, buy a 2007 license on line with fish and game. You must have the current year or next year's license to apply.

      Your plan will work but I'm sure you realize that you will have to prove you have a 2008 license before F&G will issue a 2008 permit. Since you can buy a 2007 license right now, why skip this year's drawing? Wait, skip it, I've never drawn a sheep tag and don't need the extra competition. just kiddiing


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        Wow I am glad I checked! I did not know you can get a 2007 license now and apply, thanks a ton for the info, I am going to apply.

        Thanks! Maybe I will get lucky, but do not worry to much, I apply all over the weatern lower 48 and cannot draw tags with 25%-50% odds so I doubt a good sheep tag is coming my way anytime soon.

        14c a good choice for sheep?


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          Going deeper it would seem I could buy a license every other year and be able to apply for sheep every year. If so it would save me $85 a year that is wasted (unless I draw in which case I would need it).

          For example, right now I buy 2007 license and apply with it for sheep now and next fall, then in 2008 I buy a 2009 license and apply for sheep for 2 years - right?

          I might miss spring moose drawings then right?

          $85 is pricey to apply, so if it is every other year much better!

          I know when I draw I need a license for that year.


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            License Requirements


            To apply for any year's hunt(s), you must own or apply for that year's license. You can purchase it in advance, or apply at the time you apply for the permits. This was instituted specifically to keep PETA, et al, from inexpensively bombarding our permit system with no intention to hunt them - solely to keep us from hunting them.

            So unfortunately, your plan to keep expenses down will not work as described. Only way to keep expenses down is to not apply.



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              Mort - That's not true. His plan would work, except that he couldn't apply for the spring drawing every other year. For the fall drawing coming up in November, you can apply using either your 2006 license or your 2007 license. Check the permit supplement - it's clear that this is allowed. His idea is that he can buy the 2007 license for this application period, and then use the same license to apply next fall. This absolutely is allowed.

              If you want to take a look for yourself, go to this link. On the actual application that you can print out (page 7 of the pdf file), step #10 is the box to fill in your license number. It specifically says in faded letters "current or next year".




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                I also think it will work, and I had a friend who grew up in AK and moved to NM, he does exactly that when applying.

                Not ot be cheap but if I can save $85 and apply every other year I am going to! $85 for a 3% chance at TOK is pricey!

                Thanks guys

                DonV Ohio


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                  Good Call

                  OK, I stand corrected. I read out of the basic hunting regs, and misinterpreted. Thanks for setting me straight! I guess the effect is the same, keeps the anti's from sucking up permits on the cheap with no motive other than keep them out of hunters' hands.



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                    My 2 cents if it may help - I had a '05 licence that I used for a draw that was for an '06 hunt. I drew a tag, so I know it can be done.

                    In other words, if a fellow buys a licence every OTHER year, he can enter the draws EVERY single year.

                    Good luck on the draw, btw.


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