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marlin SBL. will this work?

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  • marlin SBL. will this work?

    im about to buy a marlin SBL before i move to AK, and i was wondering if this gun 45-70 would work for all large game hunting there. i only use Garrett's exciter +p ammo (recommended for Rhino, Hippo, Cape Buffalo) so will this take down all AK big and dangerous game?

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    Yes with lots of different ammo that is out there or loaded at home
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      I love my Marlin Guide Gun in 450 Marlin (Basicaly = to 45-70 with hot loads) & wouldn't hesitate to use it on any critter up here.
      Don't tell antbody but I haven't even touched my 358 Norma Mag project gun since I got the Marlin. Love it.
      Vance in AK.

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        thank you for your input guys. i know i will need something big to bring down the large game up there .im looking to either do homestead or just buy 5 acres outright. im looking for something really out of any town and something close to fresh water,preferably with lots of trees. i want to build a cabin and i plan to grow a garden. i want to live off the land like i do here in Florida, i built the cabin here that i live in now and am getting ready to sell, so i looking at my options. any suggestion on a good place for homestead,with a good variety of game?


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          Homesteading in Alaska is a thing of the past. You can buy remote property, but finding something that will support you throughout the year is pretty hard to do. Living off the land in Alaska is a whole lot tougher than in the Lower. You need to educate yourself in bush living before committing to it. You might try village life as an in-between step.
          Good Luck


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            A few places on Chilkat Lake outside of Haines for sale,remote
            Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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              Good Gun, Bad Idea

              Thats a perfect gun for anything in AK. But as far as your plans of living off the land and/or homesteading, thats a bit radical. If you go way south to the islands or southeast where its warm you'll have a much better chance.


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                Have you visited Alaska brother? Maybe you should start with a trip in winter.
                The Trapper Creek/Talkeetna area might lend itself well for what you want to try.
                But I think, bottom line is, sell your cabin, buy a clue.


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                  I just bought this gun! I have had every gun shop in south central looking for it for three months I hope you have better luck. I love it and just ordered a custom scope from leupold FX-2 scout scope, they are building it for the new Hornaday leverlevolution round which i shot using the ghost ring sights at 50yrds nice grouping but any thing further I need a scope. As for the life change do yourself a favor rent a cabin in Talkeetna off the grid in winter then decide!! I've lived there 13 yrs now 10 acres no running water just got power 2yrs ago and I could not have done it without my understanding wife.


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