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  • PWS Snow Report

    I didn't see this thread started yet. I know a few of us track this pretty close. I know last year, everything was pushed back about two weeks. Just curious to see how she's looking this year?


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    Web Cams

    Here is a link to web cams in the PWS area. Looks like there is still a lot of snow. Hard to get the timing right as it shifts from year to year. I have a trip planned for after Memorial day so I'm hoping they hit the snooze bar.

    Won't be long now.
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      Here's another link to a camera in Whittier.

      Still looks like a lot of snow.


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        There is currently 95" of snow on the ground in Whittier, down from 104" one week ago. Here is a link click on the location for trend.


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          Thanks for the link.


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            Check out the blizzard warning for tonight. Up to 6" of more snow. Who knows when it will stop.


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              If your in Girdwood in mid to late April you can picture PWS looking like it about 3 weeks to a month later. At least I have found that to be accurate most of the time.


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                Snow load in Whittier-Ramp Conditions

                If last year only set you back 2 weeks this year could set boating season out of Whittier even further back. Whittier has had way more snow this year (09)later in the year, than last year (08). Please make sure you come down with traction devices, studded tires, and chains available. The City Public Works is not open on weekends and the ramps may not be good on Sat. and Sun. Feel free to call the harbor before you leave home. Get a 1st hand update of the weather from an eye witness in the harbor. The harbor staff is always willing to let you know. There # is 907-472-2327 ext. 115. If you use the extension instead of just #2 for the harbor you are more apt to get a person instead of an answering machine. We are having blizzard conditions with lots of wet snow and it is the 11th of April. Happy boating lets wish for lots of sunshine to melt this snow away fast.


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