looking for more info on the Charley river



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  • looking for more info on the Charley river

    I am going up to the Charley with a prop boat and a jetboat.How bad is it and I heard its a low denisity for moose.Any info would help thanks

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    Charley River

    I was up there a few years ago with a friend of mine on a caribou hunt. We got pretty lucky with weather. It drizzled a little bit on the way up there, but the rest of the trip was perfect.

    Getting up the Yukon from Circle ate up a bunch of fuel. We camped the first night on an island in the Yukon. Once we got going up the Charlie it was easy going. The river was shallow in quite a few spots, but we never had any problems. I think we got about 45 miles up river. It had been raining for a while before we got there, so I think the river was on the high side. That may have helped.

    We only saw two drift hunters (had been dropped of by plane way up river). After we got our caribou, we went back to our camp on the Yukon. The next morning we were met by two park rangers. They were VERY surprised that we had made it as far as we did. To the point they didn't believe us. After we showed them our GPS tracks they started thinking that maybe we did get up there.

    The boat was a 21' sport jon with an 80hp outboard prop.

    As for moose, we saw a few tracks, but didn't see any. Saw one black bear and a few bear tracks. We got pretty lucky with the caribou. Ran into a place that they were crossing the river, about 30-45 miles up river, and saw quite a few.

    I wouldn't say this is the best place to go for moose or caribou, but the area is beautiful and we had a great time.



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      There's another recent post on this....I hunted the Charley for spring bear about 15 years ago; we walked up from the Yukon. If my memory serves me...it was ankle deep in a lot of places, and this was near the confluence with the Yukon. I'm surprised too oakman made it that far...I believe it, but I wouldn't have thought someone could go 2 miles, let alone that far. I may have seen it real low.
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